bbp style pack


This Plugin lets you style bbPress, and add display features

You can change the forum styling for elements, letting you match (or contrast!) bbPress to your theme

Many features are available at the click of a button, such as creating vertical lists, adding create new topic links, hiding counts and much more.

  • Style font sizes colors etc. in forums and topics
  • Change forum display layouts
  • Add or take away forum elements, such as adding descriptions or removing ‘this forum contains..’
  • Change the forum order
  • Change the freshness display to date and time, or combination date and freshness
  • Change the breadcrumbs to alter or remove elements, or remove breadcrumbs completely
  • Add Create new Topic, Subscribe and Profile buttons, making navigation easier
  • Add login Register and profile to menus
  • Change forum role names or add role images
  • Amend subscription email headings and text
  • Amend the topic list order
  • Add topic previews to make topic navigation easier
  • Change how the topic and reply forms display – adding, removing or changing elements
  • Amend how profiles display and configure who sees them
  • Amend the search styling
  • Use additional shortcodes to improve how you display your forums and topics
  • Add an unread posts section so that users can easily see new topics and replies
  • Add a quote button to topics and replies
  • Add moderation tools to allow to to control
  • Add an unread posts section so that users can easily see new topics and replies
  • Use additional widgets to better display latest activity, or forum and topic information
  • Find a list of other useful bbPress related plugins
  • Let bbpress work with FSE themes


  • a sample settings page


To install this plugin :

  1. Go to Dashboard>plugins>add new
  2. Search for ‘bbp style pack’
  3. Click install
  4. and then activate
  5. go into settings and set up as required.



July 5, 2023 1 reply
I cannot imagine running a bbpress forum without this plugin. It's completely indispensable as far as I am concerned — and, any time I have a problem (very rare and often related to my own customizations) the support is fantastic and highly responsive.
May 5, 2023
I use this plugin for almost 3 years and it's great. Really helpfull. Also Robin created a plugin for me, specially for my needs. Even after 4 months he helps me with some issues.
March 10, 2023
I thank to Robin for this great plugin. You can customize easily your bbpress forum.
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  • A technical change – I’ve added some further code to make some links in the backend work correctly if you are using a sub-directory by ensuring that the correct site_url function is used.
  • A further technical change to remove a deprecated function (FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING) and replace it with FILTER_UNSAFE_RAW


  • A technical chnage – I’ve added a filter to allow the tinymce editor to have attributes.


  • I’ve added a widget ‘list forums’ that lists the forums and number of posts, similar to the one on the bbpress support site.


  • I’ve added the ability for the topic title in a forum page to take you to the latest reply, and if ‘unread posts’ is active, the latest unread post. See ‘Topics Index Styling’ tab item 21.


  • I’ve made further improvements on how subscriptions management works, allowing subscriptions to be switched off for roles.


  • An improvement for those using the subscription emails and WPML – these have to modified to allow WPML to translate as required.
  • A fix for those using the more/less content function as well as the open in new window, as this caused an error.


  • If you go into dashboard>topics and edit a topic, and then click update – only one subscription is saved. I’ve added a fix to ensure that all are saved. This is by default included, but you can exclude this fix in the ‘bug fixes’ tab.


  • A bit of a technical change – I’ve added the ability to amend the dependancy on which the bspstyle.css loads – by default it waits until bbp-default loaded. This can now be filtered using the filter ‘bsp_enqueue_css_dependancy’.


  • If you are using buddypress version 12, then you should add the ‘BP Classic’ plugin which gives compatibility between bbpress and the new Buddypress version. I’ve added a recommendation for this into the Buddypress tab that Buddypress users see in the style pack settings.
  • I added a fix whereby if you are still using bbpress 2.6.6 a file I added in a recent update does not cause an error.


  • I’ve added a bbpress bug fix for those that have converted from other forums to bbpress, but then may get an error ‘Uncaught TypeError: register_shutdown_function’ – see settings>bug fixes to exclude


  • I’ve added theme support for the ‘Hello Elementor’ theme.
  • I’ve added the ability for Buddyboss users to use the ‘Quotes’ function.


  • I’ve added the ability to have the full editor on topic/reply forms – see topic/reply form tab item 9.
  • I’ve fixed an issue with user profiles if also using buddypress and viweing multiple paged user topics or replies.


  • If you have forums or categories with ONLY PRIVATE sub forums, then sub forums will not display on the forums list. This is fixed in this version, with an option in settings>bug fixes to exclude.
  • Fixed a deprecated function (FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING) in subscriptions management
  • Fixed a strpos null error in subscriptions management
  • Fixed a deprecated notice for PHP 8.2 for Dynamic Properties that might display in the backend
  • further improvements to the bbpress template used in FSE themes


  • Improvement to the bbpress template used in FSE themes to put the head section in the correct place
  • Subscriptions Management: Fix for Sub forums that were not always displaying correctly in user subscriptions.


  • “Doing It Wrong” Fix: The Plugin Information page had a single line of code displaying a WordPress “Doing it wrong” message. It was related to multisite settings for getting member count. The code has been revised to follow WordPress best practices.
  • Bug Fix & Enhancement: The CSS Location tab settings were not being applied to some CSS/JS files properly, resulting in 404 not found errors in the admin panel. This bug has been fixed and new options added for setting a custom JS file location as well. The tab has also been renamed to CSS/JS Location to reflect the new changes. Previously, only specific files used the location specific in the CSS Location tab. Now, all Style Pack CSS/JS files honor the values set in the CSS/JS Location tab.
  • WordPress Compatibility: Style Pack has been tested against WordPress 6.4 to ensure compatibility.


  • Security fix for display-top-users shortcode potential XSS vulnerability as reported by “NGÔ THIÊN AN”


  • Technical Bug Fix: fix deprecation notice for unread tab with php 8.2.
  • Improve the unread icon link in topics to take you to the last read reply, rather than the end of the thread.


  • Technical Bug Fix: With certain settings the ‘bsp_topic_subscribe_filter’ had an error with php 8.1.


  • Bug Fix: PHP empty array error when no settings saved for Subscription Emails settings.


  • Bug Fix: Version 5.6.3 made changes to how BuddyPress profile views were handled. In some cases, it could lead to “out of memory” errors. BuddyPress profile checks have been re-worked to be as efficient as possible. Additionally, all BuddyPress-specific functions have been setup to only run on BuddyPress pages to speedup page loads across the entire site.
  • New Features/Tab: BuddyPress settings tab added for additional visibility and redirection control over BuddyPress-specific sections (global groups, global activity, global members). If you have BuddyPress activated, you’ll automatically see the BuddyPress settings tab in Style Pack.
  • New Feature: Subscription Emails now have an option for selecting which roles should receive subscription emails. By default bbPress sends them to all roles. There is now a new option #3 on the “Subscription Emails” settings tab. The new default for this setting is to send emails to Keymaster, Senior Moderator, Moderator, and Participant roles only. Roles are dynamically obtained, so any custom bbPress roles you have registered can also be configured for subscription emails.
  • Minor Improvement: “Plugin Information” tab now includes member count, forum count, topic count and reply count as part of the reported data to improve future troubleshooting.


  • Updated compatibility with WordPress 6.3.
  • Minor Improvement: Better handling of BuddyPress pages when setting up profile visibility in the “Profiles” settings tab. Profile visibility settings now only affect actual profile visibility, not BuddyPress core pages such as groups.
  • Minor Improvement: Shortcodes overahul. This includes a full revamp of the “Shortcodes” settings tab, and better handling of optional values to prevent some issues users were experiencing.
  • Arabic machine translation added.


  • Bug Fix: Plugin conflict with miniOrange plugins has been patched. “Moderation” and “Subscription Management” tabs now save settings properly when any plugin from miniOrange is active.
  • Bug Fix: Theme Support “forum width” is now properly applied to Full-Site Editor block themes. Other recent Theme Support changes have been applied to the “Reset Settings” and “Plugin Information” tabs and will be displayed accordingly based on if your active theme has specific support options or not.
  • Bug Fix: “form5” and “form6” was showing on the frontend in some template files. They have been removed from frontend templates.
  • Minor Improvement: The “Reset Settings” tab now has a Select/Unselect All option to save you from having to manually click 30+ checkboxes in the event that you wanted to do a full plugin reset.
  • Minor Improvement: Additional help info added for using a custom class with topic favorite/subscribe links in the “Topic/Reply Display” tab. It offers suggestions for targeted selectors to make sure your custom CSS code is applied properly to the favorite/subscribe links without being overwritten by default bbPress styling.


  • Major Improvement: Better cache handling to ensure regenerated CSS/JS files and settings changes are applied on the frontend of the site consistently. We now automatically clear caches for most plugins and hosting providers including: AutOptimize, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket, WP Optimize, LiteSpeed Cache, Hyper Cache, Cachify, Comet Cache, SG Optimizer, Pantheon, Zen Cache, Cache Enabler, Breeze, Swift Performance, GoDaddy, WP Engine, Kinsta, Pagely, Pressidum, and Savvii.
  • Minor Improvement: Small changes to the plugin activation/upgrade functions to prevent possible PHP warning messages for empty arrays and to apply the new cache handling improvements.
  • Minor Improvement: Small adjustment to applying custom classes to Topic Buttons to account for in-page AJAX updates.


  • Bug Fix: Topic tags were being stripped when “Limit Topic Tags to a list” enabled. Pre-approved topic tags are now added to topics properly.
  • New Requested Feature: Ability to style topic “Favorite” & “Subscribe” links as default bbPress links, stylized buttons, or with a custom CSS class. This has been added to the “Topic/Reply Display” tab as #26.
  • CSS Improvement: When topic “Favorite” & “Subscribe” links are styled with …