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CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes

CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes


CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin has all premium features you ever wished for, and it is free! It is also super fast and user friendly. You can activate your Maintenance, Coming soon(under construction) or a Landing page with a single click. Customizable in many ways – you can select a layout from predefined Themes, set custom logo, background graphics (including YouTube videos or Unsplash images), custom text or graphic content, subscribe form, social networks icons, change typography, colors, SEO, and many more.

Packed with functions like Whitelist/Blacklist to enable CMP only on specific pages, User Roles Management, custom URL Bypass, Translation strings, custom Subscribers option and many more you would not believe it is free. No ADS too, guaranteed!

Live Preview

Click for CMP preview>>

TIP! Change to another CMP Theme, background or special effects in the right sidebar.

Best Features

  • You can choose from 3 bundled free themes and 20+ downloadable themes – both freebies and premium – with completely different design. New CMP Theme is released every 1-2 months!
  • CMP plugin works with any WordPress Theme and on all desktop and mobile devices (yes it is 100% responsive!).
  • Custom Subscribe Form to collect E-mails in local database, MailChimp, MailPoet or Mailster.
  • Set fullscreen background media including Videos (YouTube, custom video file), Images or Image Slider, Patterns, Color Gradients or Solid Colors with a graphic overlay.
  • You can search from more than 1.000.000+ of free beautiful professional photos from most popular Unsplash source via our built-in search API (random images, search by keyword, category, etc).
  • You can set custom Logo, choose from 100 most popular Google fonts and customize Font Weight, Letter Spacing and Line Height.
  • Display beautiful icons for any Social network on your website.
  • Background 3D effects on all downloaded CMP Themes.
  • CMP Landing page can be enabled on specific pages only (Blacklist and Whitelist) if required.
  • WordPress roles to bypass CMP and display your full website for logged-in users.
  • Bypass URL to preview a website for your customers.
  • WPML and Polylang is fully supported to display your awesome Coming soon page in more languages.
  • All strings are Fully translatable.
  • Display Login Icon Button on Coming soon pages.
  • Compatible with custom WordPress login URL.
  • GDPR ready.
  • Configurable Countdown Action – disable Coming soon / Maintenance mode, Hide counter or redirect to another website.
  • Configurable SEO meta tags for search engines, editable favicon, Search Engine Visibility and No-cache Headers.
  • Set response code to search engines (200 OK, 503 Maintenance).
  • Redirect Mode to redirect your website to another website.
  • Support for any website Analytics like Google Analytics or similar.
  • Subscribe feature protected by Google Recaptcha integration.
  • Insert any Custom CSS code.

Compatible Plugins

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Check out our latest plugin for a login page customization – CLP – Custom Login Page. It’s super easy and awesome!

Administration page overview


  • CMP – Hardwork responsive
  • CMP – Mercury Theme
  • CMP – Mercury Theme
  • CMP – Mercury Theme
  • CMP – Hardwork Theme
  • CMP – Apollo Theme
  • CMP – Hardwork Theme
  • CMP – Element Theme
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  • CMP – Fifty Theme
  • CMP – Hardwork Premium Theme
  • CMP – Fifty Theme
  • CMP – Fifty Theme
  • CMP – Orbit Theme
  • CMP – Hardwork Premium Theme
  • CMP – Apollo Theme
  • CMP – Hardwork Theme
  • CMP – Postery Theme
  • CMP – Hardwork Premium Theme
  • CMP – Frame Theme
  • CMP – Countdown Theme
  • CMP – Frame Theme
  • CMP – Stylo Theme
  • CMP – Vega Theme
  • CMP – Vega Theme
  • CMP – Agency Theme
  • CMP – Eclipse Theme
  • CMP – Juno Theme
  • CMP – Pluto Theme
  • CMP – Tempie Theme
  • CMP – Libra Theme


Install from WordPress Plugin Dashboard

  • Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  • Search for ‘CMP NiteoThemes’
  • Click ‘Install Now’
  • Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard
  • To Setup click CMP Settings and change the settings there

Upload in WordPress Plugin Dashboard

  • Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  • Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  • Download `cmp-coming-soon-maintenance.zip` and select `cmp-coming-soon-maintenance.zip` from your directory
  • Click ‘Install Now’
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  • To Setup click CMP Settings and change the settings there

FTP Upload

  • Download `cmp-coming-soon-maintenance.zip` and extract the `cmp-coming-soon-maintenance.zip` zip file to your computer
  • Upload the extracted `cmp-coming-soon-maintenance` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  • To Setup click CMP Settings and change the settings there


I can’t see the CMP landing page I’ve just activated!

As long as you’re logged in as admin, you cannot see it. That`s the purpose of our plugin – it displays Maintenance or Coming Soon page only to guest visitors of your page while you can work on your real website. You can preview the page by clicking on “preview” tab, by logging out from WordPress or accessing your website from a different browser (or anonymous tab)

I can still see the landing page I’ve just deactivated! I even deleted the plugin but it is still there!

This is 100% caching issue! Please make sure to delete cache from your caching plugins, hosting provider cache and browser as well. CMP plugin supports all most popular caching plugins, but sometimes it just does not work as expected and you still need to delete it manually in caching plugin option.

I love the landing page so much, can I use it forever?

Yes of course! You can use CMP landing pages as your main splash page! Just make sure to set CMP plugin to “Coming Soon & Landing Page” mode which returns correct response codes to web search engines.

How can I translate text on buttons, countdown text and others?

Go to CMP Settings > CMP Translation sub-menu where you can translate or modify every string used!

What are 503 or 200 HTTP codes, huh?

OK, it`s easy – if you want to display Coming Soon page you usually wants to search engines (like Google) to be able to index your website. In that case you want the response code set to 200 HTTP “OK” – set Coming Soon mode or Landing Page.

On the other hand if you have your website already up and running but you are doing only a short maintenance it is better to send response 503 HTTP Service Unavailable code. By that way you make sure the search engines do not index your temporarily website while it’s down for a short maintenance and do not lower your website SEO score.

Is it a bug? No one likes BUGS! How can I report it?

This is awkward and shame on us:(. Fortunately we are friendly guys and if you let us know about it on WordPress Support Forum we promise to fix it as soon as possible!

I have a perfect idea for new features!

That’s great! We are happy to hear about any feature or idea you might have to make our plugin perfect! Just let us know NiteoThemes website and we will discuss it!

I really love your plugin and I want to support it!

Nothing is better than a good feedback! Please go to Plugin reviews and rate it! Alternatively you can click on a Donate button too!:)


June 1, 2024 3 replies
This was a premature review. Wish I could delete it. Sigh.
February 19, 2024
I hope the developer keeps it updated, this plugin is really consistent and well developed. Thank you so much !!
November 10, 2023
If you need a quick and simple coming soon page – no frills, no upsells – this is the one. I had a coming soon page live within a minute. Thanks!
November 7, 2023
So useful! So much better than the others that I’ve tried. Being able to redirect all pages except those that match a condition with a wildcard simplifies things a lot. This is a simple, smart version of a maintenance mode/coming soon plugin.
September 10, 2023
No idea what this plugin is doing, but I don’t trust it. It keeps getting blocked by my host’s ModSecurity whenever I try to save changes in the plugin settings. Even if I disable ModSecurity, it takes a really long time to save changes. What is it doing that takes 10+ seconds to save changes?? I thought it could be caused by a conflict with another plugin, like LiteSpeed Cache. So I tried CMP on a fresh install with no other plugins, and same issue, takes a long time to save changes and gets blocked by ModSecurity. Also, Bing started blocking stylesheets on my development website, flagging them internationally as blocked suspicious files. This started happening after installing the plugin. So the only page visible on my website is now the CMP gate, and all of a sudden my websites are getting flagged by Bing as security issues, while ModSecurity is blocking CMP from running on my host. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 Yeah, I don’t know WTF is going on, but I’m no longer trusting this plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes” has been translated into 4 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


CMP 4.1.12 – 03-April-24

  • Added Medium social icon

CMP 4.1.11 – 12-Mar-24

  • Fix security vulnerability when getting Mailchimp forms.

CMP 4.1.10 – 28-Aug-23

  • Tested with WordPress 6.3
  • Remove PHP 8.2 deprecated warnings

CMP 4.1.9 – 09-Jun-23

  • Updated compatibility with image lazy load options for EWWW Image Optimizer and Easy Image Optimizer plugins.

CMP 4.1.7 – 02-Mar-23

  • Fix security issue when post details could be loaded by Ajax unauthorized request./li>
  • Added compatibility with image lazy load options for EWWW Image Optimizer and Easy Image Optimizer plugins.

CMP 4.1.6 – 13-Dec-22

  • Updated compatibility with translaction plugins./li>

CMP 4.1.5 – 04-Nov-22

  • Compatibility check with WP 6.1

CMP 4.1.4 – 11-Oct-22

  • Resolve counter issue in Titan theme

CMP 4.1.3 – 01-Oct-22

  • Small security update

CMP 4.1.2 – 17-May-22

  • Added option to load font awesome from a local server. Requested by @blauemango
  • Changed Bypass settings to be set in days instead of seconds. Suggested by @pierreb
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 6.0

CMP 4.1.1 – 25-Mar-22

  • Resolved issue when using CF7 form in the CMP content and error message “This request is invalid”

CMP 4.1 – 11-Mar-22

  • New CMP Theme Nova!

CMP 4.0.20 – 07-Feb-22

  • WordPress 4.9 compatibility

CMP 4.0.19 – 14-Jan-22

  • Fixed security issue, when unauthenticated user could update the CSS styles for CMP themes.
  • Updated purge caching function

CMP 4.0.18 – 22-Nov-21

  • Updated compatibility with CF7 new API.

CMP 4.0.17 – 01-Nov-21

  • New CMP Theme – Loki

CMP 4.0.16 – 12-Sept-21

  • Added new arabic font Tajawal.

CMP 4.0.15 – 12-Jul-21

  • Updated compatibility with WordPress 5.8

CMP 4.0.14 – 24-May-21

  • Resolved issue, when CMP could be bypassed by cmp_theme parameter.

CMP 4.0.13 – 03-May-21

  • Added Twitch TV social icon.
  • Updated JS AJAX URL with relative path, to avoid issues with CORS.

CMP 4.0.12 – 03-May-21

  • Resolved saving issue with W3 Total Cache plugin.

CMP 4.0.11 – 30-Apr-21

  • Added socials icons for Wikipedia and IMDb. Suggested by @artgoddess, thanks!
  • Updated cache clearing compatibility with caching plugins.

CMP 4.0.10 – 16-Apr-21

  • Fixed 2 possible security issues.

CMP 4.0.9 – 13-Apr-21

  • Orion – New CMP theme available!
  • Some minor code changes.

CMP 4.0.8 – 16-Mar-21

  • Resolved Unsplash Image loading, broken since API Unsplash changes.
  • New Social Icon for TikTok.

CMP 4.0.7 – 11-Mar-21

  • Updated Jetpack compatibility with stats counter.

CMP 4.0.6 – 10-Mar-21

  • Removed PHP notice.

CMP 4.0.5 – 09-Mar-21

  • Added compatibility with JetPack stats.
  • WordPres 4.7 compatibility.

CMP 4.0.4 – 01-Mar-21

  • Updated JS subscribe function to accept plus characters in email addresses.

CMP 4.0.3 – 19-Feb-21

  • Updated Unsplash Image preview size to match UI size.
  • Change verify email function from wp_email to FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL filter.
  • Changed Countdown Default background image to match it’s thumbnail.

CMP 4.0.2 – 17-Feb-21

  • Resolved PHP notice error on subscribe form.

CMP 4.0.1 – 16-Feb-21

  • Resolved Cookie Notice compatibility causing errors after Cookie Notice latest update.

CMP 4.0.0 – 15-Feb-21

  • New CMP Theme: Titan.
  • Added new settings for Popup window with email subscription.
  • Added notification email option when a customer subscribes.

CMP 3.9.8 – 01-Feb-21

  • Resolved issue with bypassing WP JSON api on admin pages.

CMP 3.9.7 – 07-Jan-21

  • Resolved PHP Warning when “HTTP_HOST” array key was not present. – @seath thanks for reporting it.
  • Added support for Litespeed Cache optimization plugin. – requested by @artgoddess
  • New option to allow or block RSS feed and REST API – requested by @artgoddess

CMP 3.9.6 – 07-Jan-21

  • Resolved issue with displaying Language Switcher even with settings set to off if WPML plugin was enabled.

CMP 3.9.5 – 30-Dec-20

  • Resolved issue with not displaying RSS feed icon

CMP 3.9.4 – 30-Dec-20

  • New Social Icon: RSS Feed
  • Updated NiteoThemes Logo

CMP 3.9.3 – 17-Dec-20

  • New CMP Theme: Saturn

CMP 3.9.2 – 28-Nov-20

  • Resolved issue with fatal error on website./li>

CMP 3.9.1 – 28-Nov-20

  • Resolved issue with not saving Social Icons settings./li>

CMP 3.9.0 – 27-Nov-20

  • Added compatibility with Weglot plugin./li>
  • Added Goodreads social icon to social settings./li>
  • WordPress 5.6 compatibility./li>

CMP 3.8.9 – 02-Nov-20

  • Resolved issue when translation settings of “You must agree with our Terms and Conditions.” and “Oops! Email is empty.” messages could not be translated./li>

CMP 3.8.8 – 14-Oct-20

  • New CMP Theme: Scout
  • Added new subscribe error messages – when there is no email inserted and GDPR checkbox not checked.

CMP 3.8.7 – 04-Oct-20

  • Resolved issue with confict between CMP and WooCommerce Order Status Manager when using Font Awesome icons. Thanks to @swiss13 for reporting this and helping us to resolve it.

CMP 3.8.6 – 09-Sept-20

  • Resolved PHP notices generated by WPML Language Switcher if there are not languages configured in WPML.

CMP 3.8.5 – 01-Sept-20

  • New CMP Theme – Atlas! Check it out.
  • Updated icons to use Font Awesome 5.
  • Added Discord Social Icon.

CMP 3.8.4 – 13-Aug-20

  • Resolved issue with not updating Social Icon URL after WordPress update 5.5

CMP 3.8.3 – 05-Aug-20

  • Resolved bug in Typography settings when font variants did not load correctly.
  • Updated compatibility with Cookie Notice plugin.

CMP 3.8.2 – 03-Aug-20

  • Small UI typography changes.
  • Import / Export function works with Favicon image correctly now.
  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.5

CMP 3.8.1 – 16-July-20

  • Resolved UI issue with multiple social media icons.

CMP 3.8 – 16-July-20

  • Changed default GDPR checkbox state to unchecked as suggested by Thomas Clausen (@tntc1978)
  • Added Copy to Clipboard button for Bypass URL.
  • Updated WhatsApp social icon URL to work on IOS, reported by @hideki1991
  • Updated YouTube icon and few UI updates, thanks to @duber777
  • Tighten security for few AJAX functions.

CMP 3.7.9 – 30-Jun-20

  • Updated WPML compatibility – replaced deprecated WPML functions with new equivalents.

CMP 3.7.8 – 27-Jun-20

  • Security update resolving few small security issues.
  • Updated code to disable CMP mode for Elementor and Divi add-ons by expired counter.

CMP 3.7.7 – 02-Jun-20

  • New Coming Soon theme: Mosaic!
  • New option to disable or enable compatibility with Cookie notice plugin.

CMP 3.7.6 – 14-May-20

  • New option to display checkbox for Subscribe form GDPR message.
  • Compatibility added with 3rd party plugin Cookie Notice.
  • Resolved issue with clearing cache and Coming Soon mode disabling by expired counter. @leighjones123 thanks for your investigation and input!

CMP – 11-May-20

  • Resolved issue with Construct theme background image.
  • New option to set custom Logo link URL – suggested by @ct001
  • Resolved issue with Google fonts not loading.

CMP 3.7.5 – 09-May-20

  • Added Multilanguage functionality via Polylang and WPML support.

CMP – 22-April-20

  • Added support to upload custom images for mobile devices.

CMP – 19-April-20

  • Added support for WP Optimize cache.
  • New Advanced settings to disable automatic paragraphs – wpautop() – in the content editor.
  • Some minor UI changes – new descriptions and hints added.

CMP – 14-April-20

  • Resolved issue with missing submit button and double content editor in some cases.

CMP 3.7.4 – 13-April-20

  • CMP Headliner Theme

CMP 3.7.3 – 08-April-20

  • CMP Elementor Add-on released.
  • New Countdown action: Hide Counter

CMP – 29-Mar-20

  • Bug fix to repair niteothemes.com licensing server.

CMP 3.7.2 – 29-Mar-20

  • New Feature: Display login button on Coming Soon pages to navigate to login WordPress URL.
  • Change email notification flag from set_transient to update_option since it’s not working properly for some users using caching plugins.
  • Added Advanced Tab to Basic Settings for a faster navigation.

CMP 3.7.1 – 12-Mar-20

  • Introducing CMP & Divi Integration!
  • Compatibility with WordPres 5.4

CMP 3.7.0 – 05-Mar-20

  • New CMP Theme: Thor!
  • Google Recaptcha integration for CMP Subscribe feature. Reported by @n10s, thanks!
  • Resolved issue with blurred Unsplash images on mobile devices. Great feature requested by @lchikamoto

CMP 3.6.15 – 19-Feb-20

  • Resolved bug with Heading animation settings.

CMP 3.6.14 – 07-Feb-20

  • CMP Redirect mode now works as expected together with Bypass URL.
  • Resolved few unresolved PHP notices. @wecodify thanks!

CMP 3.6.13 – 09-Jan-20

  • Background YouTube video now supports starting time parameter.

CMP 3.6.12 – 08-Jan-20

  • Resolved issue with spamming emails about expired Countdown Timer.
  • Added 100% compatibility with WPS Hide Login plugin.
  • Added Activate button to installed CMP themes to resolve issue that in some cases the toolbar buttons on thumbnail hover did not display correctly.

CMP 3.6.11 – 30-Dec-19

  • WordPress Ajax URL added to Whitelist.

CMP 3.6.10 – 30-Dec-19

  • After recieveing few complaints that last update locked out admin screens, wp-admin.php has been whitelisted without home_url in a case WordPress URLs misconfiguration.

CMP 3.6.9 – 29-Dec-19

  • Enhanced Blacklist and Whitelist feature to support URL parameters.
  • Added support for custom login URL.
  • Fixed CSS styles to load correctly on translated admin pages.

CMP 3.6.8 – 16-Dec-19

  • To Celebrate Winter Time we added a beautiful Snowing Effect!
  • Admin Ajax is Whitelisted automatically now. That should resolve issues with some 3rd party plugins requiring Ajax.

CMP 3.6.7 – 21-Nov-19

  • Resolved issue with gradient background not displaying correctly in admin settings for Countdown theme. Thanks @isaacmuniz for letting us know!

CMP 3.6.6 – 09-Nov-19

  • Another new CMP Theme – Delta!
  • Resolved stying issue with Custom CSS editor. Thanks to @mariobeach for reporting it!

CMP 3.6.5 – 28-Oct-19

  • MailOPtin plugin integration.
  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.3 release.

CMP 3.6.4 – 14-Oct-19

  • Resolved persiting bug with http string added in social media links icons.
  • New Advanced option to choose between CMP Top Bar layouts – full and compact.
  • Slightly redesigned CMP Settings admin screen.

CMP 3.6.3 – 11-Oct-19

  • Updated URL attribute for Email social network to resolve issue with outputed http string.

CMP 3.6.2 – 09-Oct-19

  • New CMP Theme Libra!
  • Updated social networks names with correct letter capitalization.
  • Removed Google+ from social networks.

CMP 3.6.1 – 26-Sept-19

  • Changes in Custom Analytics code: it can contain any Javascript code now. It also requires code wrapped in ” tags. Make sure to test your analytics after this update.
  • Updated YouTube fullscreen background video to hide video title correctly. Thanks to @theking007

CMP 3.6 – 26-Aug-19

  • Added new Subscribe integration with Mailster premium WordPress plugin.
  • New settings to enable or disable email notifications for countdown expiration and CMP status change under Advanced settings. Advised by @iclicknz.
  • New Settings to enable or disable background video autolooping – requested by @aetasserenus.
  • Removed PHP noticed from niteo-cmp.php file on line 781 – noticed by @scarpinoc.

CMP 3.5.9 – 05-Aug-19

  • Resolved issue with CF7 integration.

CMP 3.5.8 – 02-Aug-19

  • Added new Subscribe integration with MailPoet WordPress plugin.
  • Minor tweaks of Subscribe process.
  • Updated scripts to support latest version of Contact Form 7 plugin.

CMP 3.5.7 – 11-Jul-19

  • New Theme – Tempie – great for a small maintenance!
  • Resolved few PHP Notices with PHP debug – thanks to @scarpinoc for a notice!
  • Added Recaptcha support for Contact Form 7 subscribe forms – thanks to @sprockettechweb!

CMP 3.5.6 – 22-Jun-19

  • New feature – CMP Import and Export! You can now import/export/backup CMP Settings under CMP Advanced submenu!
  • Added Support Headers and Footers plugin and SimpleAnalytics plugin!
  • Redesigned CMP Advanced Menu!

CMP 3.5.5 – 13-Jun-19

  • YouTube brand name corrected – @khpro!

CMP 3.5.4 – 12-Jun-19

  • Resolved issue with SEO image not properly set for Open Graph Protocol – thanks to @jeegrobot!

CMP 3.5.3 – 09-Jun-19

  • Fixed broken templates preview links

CMP 3.5.2 – 05-Jun-19

  • Minor internal changes..

CMP 3.5.1 – 30-May-19

  • Added mimes filter to alllow custom fonts to upload via media library.

CMP 3.5 – 29-May-19

  • Beautiful new CMP Theme: TimeX!
  • New awesome feature: possibility to use custom fonts!
  • New layout of Font customization for better preview – it is visible even on smaller screens now.
  • Font Family is loaded and displayed on hover instead of click-selection from dropdown fonts list.
  • Updated PO/MO translation files to include new translation strings which came with few lasts updates.

CMP 3.4.10 – 08-May-19

  • Resolved issue with missing styles for topbar under theme preview. Caused by last update..sorry guys

CMP 3.4.9 – 08-May-19

  • Resolved conflict with WP Bakery builder – thanks to @7dotmarketing!
  • Resolved sytling conflict with Proxy & VPN blocker plugin – thanks to EU Zheninjas!

CMP 3.4.8 – 07-May-19

  • New CMP Theme: Ares! Check it out guys.
  • New wp.org plugin screenshots.
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes in the code.

CMP 3.4.7 – 16-April-19

  • Resolved issue with re-enabling the Whitelist if Blacklist was set when saving basic settings in some specific cases. Big thanks to Linus for noticing!
  • Hide CMP Bundle banner if CMP Theme Manager is intalled

CMP 3.4.6 – 15-April-19

  • Changed required user capatibility to access CMP Settings page to resolve issue with local admin on multisite installations.

CMP 3.4.5 – 10-April-19

  • You can use custom URLs for CMP Blacklist as well now + added wildcard support for the URLs.

CMP 3.4.4 – 05-April-19

  • New CMP Theme: Juno! Enjoy as usual 🙂

CMP 3.4.3 – 25-Mar-19

  • Resolved Unsplash Image overlay issues. Thanks to @heartwired for noticing!
  • CMP Coming soon mode is now disabled after plugin activation by default. Activation notice has been added. Thanks to @heartwired again!
  • Updated Subscribe message formatting, if JavaScript is forbidden.

CMP 3.4.2 – 13-Mar-19

  • Corrected PHP syntax in Whitelist Settings causing Fatal Error on PHP! Thanks million times to @n10s

CMP 3.4.1 – 12-Mar-19

  • Removed hardcored URL for WhiteList/Blacklist settings. Sorry guys, it is late in night!

CMP 3.4 – 12-Mar-19

  • CMP Subscribe form works again with firstname and lastname inputs, which was broken by last update. Thanks Jim!
  • CORS policy update for Subscribe action, causing AJAX requests failed on some server configurations.
  • New quick option to enable CMP for whole website or Homepage only.

CMP 3.3.2 – 27-Feb-19

  • Added Spotify to social media icons as requested.
  • Re-written JavaScript code for Email subscription, to resolve the issue with Subscription on some Nginx servers.

CMP 3.3.1 – 27-Feb-19

  • Updated downloadable CMP Themes URL Links.

CMP 3.3 – 27-Feb-19

  • New CMP Theme: Pluto! Minimalist Theme with beautiful typography, supports Countdown, Subscribe form and Image slider!
  • New option: Set custom logo size!

CMP 3.2.2 – 18-Feb-19

  • Added Support for CF7 with Google Recaptcha v3.

CMP 3.2.1 – 07-Feb-19

  • Minor style changes when using Blur and Bubbles background effects together.
  • Resolved issue with subscriber form error on some hostings.

CMP 3.2 – 25-Jan-19

  • Added new CMP Theme: Mercury – enjoy our latest CMP Theme guys!
  • Added Snapchat icon in Social Networks.
  • Added Delete All bulk action to Subscribers table – thanks to @pqinstitute.
  • Resolved bug in Subscribe Form – Firstname placeholder switched for Lastname – thanks to @pqinstitute.

CMP 3.1.2 – 05-Jan-19

  • Resolved issue with not playing background local and YouTube videos – thanks to @potitoale for reporting it!
  • Resolved bug, when CMP plugin was deactivated after new CMP theme upload.
  • CMP Coming Soon Mode is automatically activated after plugin activation.

CMP 3.1.1 – 03-Jan-19

  • Copyright message now supports ‘target’ attribute as requested by @frankoswaldo.
  • Updated status when Coming Soon mode is disabled by Countdown expiration time.

CMP 3.1 – 19-Dec-18

  • New Background Effect for Premium Themes: Floating Bubbles.
  • New Feature: Possibility to add custom external scripts to head and footer.
  • New Social Icon: Github as requested by @alessandro-mana

CMP 3.0.2 – 13-Dec-18

  • Resolved issue with not functional Slider Settings after update to 3.0. Please also Update all Downloaded Themes.

CMP 3.0.1 – 12-Dec-18

  • Compatibility with older PHP versions update

CMP 3.0 – 11-Dec-18


Once you update to new CMP version 3.0 you must also update your Premium themes (if you have any) due to compatibility issues!

  • New Premium Theme: CMP Agency! Check it out, it looks awesome!
  • UI Changes: Background image settings moved to Content Tab and is no longer Theme dependent. That means you set the image once and it is consistent for all Themes.
  • New Feature: Added support for WP Rocket Caching Plugin.

CMP 2.9.4 – 21-Nov-18 – small bug fix

  • Fixed PHP notice error on plugins page – thanks @pressworthammer!

CMP 2.9.3 – 20-Nov-18 – New features update

  • New feature: Notification Email will be send to the Website Administrator once the set Counter time expires.
  • New feature: Possibility to enable or disable CMP Icon in Admin Bar.
  • UI Changes: Logo moved to Global Content Settings and is no longer Theme depenendent.
  • Change: Graphic logo will always use full size even on mobile devices. – requested by @elektra3

CMP 2.9.2 – 09-Nov-18 – small bug fixes

  • Resolved issue with deleting subscribers automatically after refreshing browser window if you deleted a subscriber manually. – thanks @samstoffer1
  • Resolved issue with SEO Settings > custom Analytics script – thanks @ini0r

CMP 2.9.1 – 02-Nov-18 – bug fix

  • Resolved Javascript error after upgrade.

CMP 2.9 – 02-Nov-18 – New features

  • Added SEO Image Settings to SEO Settings.
  • Added SEO Search Engine Visibility Checkbox.
  • Added SEO no-cache Headers Control Checkbox.
  • Added description to many input settings for better customer orientation.
  • Added warning message for CMP Preview if there are unsaved settings.
  • Updated embedded YouTube and Vimeo players CSS styles to be displayed correctly.

CMP – Bug Fix Update

  • Changed default theme to CountDown after first installation.
  • Updated CountDown theme CSS styles.
  • Removed outdated HTML from Admin Settings.
  • Fixed MS Edge saving issues – caused by Input range validation for font-height ( it still does not accept 1.4 and 1.5 values and cannot be saved if these values are selected! – good job M$ _–_ )

CMP 2.8.9 – New Features Update

  • New CMP Theme Vega – go check it out!
  • Settings changed – Subscribe Label changed to Subscribe Message, where you can add more text (GDPR, promotions..). Make sure to update CMP themes to latest version to reflect small design changes if you are using premium themes!
  • Removed Unsplash preview from CMP Admin Settings because it generated too much requests reaching our limits of 10.000 requests / hour! you guys rock!
  • Updated MailChimp API to include Firstname and Lastname in the request.
  • Resolved CMP Theme updates issues + added message it contacts remote niteothemes servers to fetch the update files.

CMP 2.8.8 – Bug Fix Update

  • Fixed not clickable Social URL inputs on mobile devices.

CMP 2.8.7 update

  • Fixed uninstall hook – CMP plugin will now delete all it`s options after deletiton.
  • XING Social Icon added – requested by @spieler.

CMP 2.8.6 update

  • Resolved issue with CMP admin bar icon showing of disabled Coming soon even when enabled in reality.

CMP 2.8.5 update

  • Resolved issue with 404 error after save settings on some server hostings. Big thanks to @darkbluesky and @superven15 for addresing this issue and help with troubleshooting!
  • Updated 3d party caching plugins purging function.
  • Resolved issue with fatal error caused by undefined function “get_current_screen()” in some edge cases – thanks to @wvega to highlight this issue!
  • Resolved PHP warnings about bad parameters on some server hostings – thanks to @webboxone.

CMP 2.8.4 update

  • New amazing Theme: Apollo! Check it out guys. We believe you are gonna love it!
  • Added OG meta tags for social sharing – Facebook, Twitter and similar will now display your coming soon image.

CMP 2.8.3 update

  • Resolved compatibility issues with Ronneby Theme – reported by @basile67.
  • Google Fonts loads all subsets by default now – requested by @basile67.

CMP 2.8.2 maintenance update

  • Throttle CMP Premium themes updates check to every 24 hours.
  • Added Stripslashes function for Contact Form Button Label.

CMP 2.8.1 small update

  • New feature: Support of Mailchimp Double Opt In integration.
  • Internally rewritten CMP Class for a better plugin security.

CMP 2.8 update

  • New Feature: Background Gradient Overlay. You can now set a beautiful gradient over your Background images or videos!
  • New Feature: Support for every major 3rd party chaching plugins. Website caching caused many support questions so hopefully it is resolved now.
  • Change: Moved Color Overlay Setup to Background media section.
  • Bug Resolved: Formating of MailChimp Email Successful Subscription message.
  • Bug Resolved: Translation phrase “Please insert valid Email address.” bug. – thanks @70ph!
  • *** please note we recommend to upgrade your Premium or Freebies themes after this update! ***

CMP 2.7.1 update

  • Resolved issue with bypassing CMP by selected roles – reported by @bundag, thanks!

CMP 2.7 update

  • New Premium CMP Theme: Element. We hope you enjoy it guys!
  • New Special effect for your backgrounds: Constellation. This one is for premium themes only.
  • Resolved issue with added slashes in custom analytics scripts – reported by @christophklin
  • Resolved issue with Content editor trimmmig custom HTML tags – reported by @damen02
  • Resolved issue with (not)saving settings in Microsoft IE and Edge

CMP 2.6.6 update

  • Added Telegram to Social icons – requested by @nicollem
  • Resolved issue when the “Leave a review” window kept appearing even after dismissal immediately after plugin installation – thanks @hubmacfan

CMP 2.6.5 – maintenance update

  • Updated CMP admin style to resolve issue on with admin bar on small screens. – requested by @hubmacfan and @trifo13

CMP 2.6.4 – sorry for this guys!

  • Reverting back the changes due to SiteOrigin plugin issues. Shortocodes for embeded local videos should be working tho!

CMP 2.6.3

  • Change in content generation to hopefully resolved issue with SiteOrigin and CMP content.

CMP 2.6.2 – small feature update

  • Addded support for embedded videos in content settings – requested by @jstuts5797

CMP 2.6.1 – maintenance update

  • Resolved 404 errpr while using MailChimp integration introduced in 2.6 update – it should all works as expected now!
  • Unsplash API changes to meet the API new requirements – no need to worry much about this.

CMP 2.6 – Mailchimp integration and bug fixes!

  • CMP default subscribe form can be integrated directly to Mailchimp via their API now. Woot!
  • Resolved Subscriber form double click submit issue.
  • Resolved Subscriber form double click submit issue. – thanks @idoran!

CMP 2.5.2 – maintenance update

  • Fixed background video on Countdown theme – sorry for that guys!

CMP 2.5.1 – maintenance update

  • Fixed issue call to undefined function wp_enqueue_code_editor after 2.5 update on older WordPress versions.

CMP 2.5 – user driven update with new requested features 🙂

  • New Theme: Stylo – modern, animated full-page background graphics for your landing, coming soon or maintenance page!
  • New background effects option. From time to time we will add new effects for your backgrounds, this time it is Blur effect, which will be available for all free and premium Themes!
  • New Feature: you can enable CMP bypass URL, which can be sent to your users to bypass CMP for website preview.
  • New Feature: custom CSS textarea replaced by CSS Code Editor for easier CSS coding.

CMP 2.4.2 – maintenance update

  • Optimized delivery of javascript in CMP themes
  • Fifty theme new slice slider option
  • Update compatibility with few other plugins which caused issues in admin styles

CMP 2.4.1 – bug fixes

  • Fixed issue when activation settings could not be saved in some cases.

CMP 2.4 – Sweet update

*** Please make sure you update all downloaded CMP themes to enable features from this update ***

  • New theme: Orbit! Go ahead and try it out, it is fun!
  • New feature: Possibility to add custom HTML tags to Copyright. Thanks @lumayaundyo!
  • New settings: Background color for Social icons for Construct Theme. Thanks @shi-la!
  • New settings: “Top Bar Switch Access” in Advanced page to enable/disable access to Top Bar switcher for specific User roles. Requested by @ebrockway, thanks!
  • Fixed single quote escaping for Title, Copyright Title, Social Media Title and Copyright. Thanks @normsash!
  • Fixed uninstall hook issue when in some cases the CMP options were not deleted from Database – thanks to @travellingwithtania for pointing out that!
  • Fixed “PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT” message appearing on some specific PHP server installations – thanks to @travellingwithtania for pointing out that!
  • Fixed mobile version of Eclipse theme when it kept scrolling up immediately after user scrolled down if there is none or very little content – thanks to @lumayaundyo!

CMP 2.3.1 – fixes countdown responsivness

  • Fixed Countdown theme reponsivness. Thanks @tom80550

CMP 2.3 – minor update

  • Updated CMP User roles filter to include all user/plugin created user-roles.
  • Added Whatsapp and Phone numbers to social icons as requested by @axxessia, thanks!
  • Resolved responsivness issue in CMP Construct theme on IOS mobile devices, thanks to @vidcat17!
  • Changed selection of Google fonts from 800 to 100 most Popular fonts to speed up things litle bit.

CMP 2.2.4 – maintenance update

  • Resolved issue with not working Blacklist / Whitelist.
  • Resolved issue when set font-weight and font-style did not properly display in CMP Themes.
  • Added CMP Settings link to WordPress Plugin page after activation.

CMP 2.2.3 – maintenance update

  • Resolved issue with not loading Unsplash images.

CMP 2.2.2 – maintenance update

  • Resolved compatibility issue with latest WordPress version when upload CMP field was not visible.

CMP 2.2.1 – maintenance update

  • Resolved issue with enqueuing header scripts – Google Analytics and etc. after update 2.2

CMP 2.2 – very sweet update 🙂

This update brings you a heavily requsted features such a whitelist/blacklist, user roles setup and also few other nice changes including:

New Advanced Settings page:

  • You can setup CMP Page Whitelist to display CMP Theme only on the particular WordPress Pages.
  • You can setup CMP Page Blacklist to disable CMP Theme on the particular WordPress Pages.
  • You can setup User Roles to bypass CMP Theme, the roles are following: Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber.
  • Added custom Analytics code, so you can choose to insert Google Analytics ID or custom Javascript code if you are using different or custom Website analytics solution.
  • Moved Postery and Eclipse Themes from bundled to downloadable freebies.
  • UI Changes: Premium themes changed to “Downloadable themes” including freebies now. If you install downloaded CMP Theme, it will be moved to available themes for and removed from downloadables section for better readability.


  • Completely rewritten Unsplash API to avoid duplicated cached images when using Image sliders.
  • CMP Subscriber form AJAX submission to avoid Website reload for better user experience.
  • Resolved bug when CMP page was set to Redirect mode but the website was sometimes not redirected to custom URL after set TimeOut.


  • New free CMP theme Eclipse available for download with beautiful Counter, extended Footer and Welcome hero screen animation. Check it out CMP Freebies
  • New and awesome Font Selector – Select any Google Font – 800+ Font Families – and customize Contect and Headings font styles (Weight, Line height, Letter Spacing)
  • Replaced all default HTML select boxes by Select2 add-on.
  • Fixed: updated compatibility with all themes and plugins – sometime it happened the CMP content was over-ruled by another plugin or Theme.
  • Added support for new modern text effects in selected themes (Fade in from top, bottom, left and right).
  • Updated all CMP Theme`s design for mobile devices
  • Changed CMP Plugin version numbering from 1.xx to 2.x


  • Fixed bug with Soundcloud icon issues from previous update. Sorry folks!


  • New Feature: CMP predefined mode (Coming Soon, Maintenance or Redirect) can be activated / deactivated via quick icon in Admin menu bar (even when visiting your site if you are logged in!).
  • Fixed issue: Contruct Theme parallax scrolling did not work correctly after last update.
  • Fixed issues: Revisited all themes CSSs – some of them had rendering issues in FF (especially Construct Theme). Thanks @samuele81 for addressing the issue!
  • Added SoundCloud to social icon list as requested by @samuele81.
  • Theme enhancement: revisited Countdown Theme for more modern design.
  • Few minor graphic changes in CMP UI Settings.



Once you update to new CMP version 1.12.0 you must also update your Premium themes (if you have any) due to compatibility issues!

  • New Feature: Background Gradient support which allows you to select from our awesome predefined gradients or setup yours.
  • New Feature: Translation variables finally available. You can now translate every text on your landing page including counter and subscribe form.
  • Updated design of CMP Frame theme.
  • Many changes in CMP UI for more user friendly interface including our CMP sidebar.
  • Rewrited part of internal code for faster loading times and better PHP code maintenance.


  • New Feature: Background videos supports local WordPress library.
  • New Feature: Option to set a delay for Redirect Mode.
  • Fixed issues with displaying Themes in Internet Explorer.
  • Removed automatic check for updates to NiteoThemes server for free CMP Themes to meet WordPress Plugins policy.


  • New free theme: Postery! Enjoy new free Theme with modern design and 3D animation! We hope you like as we do 🙂
  • Bug fixes: an awkward bug when the settings for background color did not work.
  • Small UI changes in CMP Settings page.


  • New Feature: Video background option
  • Small changes in CMP Settings page.


!Important Notice!


p>Theme related settings – logo, graphic banner and font types will be lost after installation of this version! Make sure …