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Doyenhub Product Size Chart Plugin for WooCommerce


Doyenhub Product Size Chart plugin is a tool that allows store owners to easily add size charts to their wooCommerce products. With this plugin, you can create custom size charts, and display them on product pages. This can help customers find the right size for a product and reduce the number of returns due to incorrect sizing. The plugin is easy to use and can be a valuable addition to any online store that sells products with specific sizes.

You can also create your own size charts and assign them to specific products.

Key Benefit for WooCommerce store owner

🔑 Reduced product returns due to size-based issues.
🔑 Size Chart reduces customers’ confusion regarding the size and fittings.
🔑 Customers can easily view the size chart before purchasing the products.
🔑 You will improve your site usability and user experience during the purchase

Why your online store needs a size chart

  • Improved customer experience: A size chart plugin can help customers find the right size for a product, which can improve their overall shopping experience. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, 88% of consumers said that they would be more likely to shop with a retailer again if they had a positive experience.
  • Reduced returns: When customers select the wrong size for a product, it can lead to returns. A size chart plugin can help reduce the number of returns due to incorrect sizing, saving time and money for the store. According to a survey by Narvar, the average cost of a return for a retailer is $15.
  • Increased sales: If customers are confident in their ability to find the right size for a product, they may be more likely to make a purchase. A size chart plugin can help increase sales by helping customers find the right size the first time. A study by the Baymard Institute found that 28% of online shoppers abandoned their cart due to sizing issues.
  • Enhanced product pages: A size chart plugin can help enhance the appearance and functionality of product pages, making them more useful and user-friendly for customers. According to a survey by BigCommerce, 39% of consumers say that a good product page is the most important factor in their purchasing decision.
  • Improved SEO: By providing valuable and accurate size information to customers, a size chart plugin can help improve the user experience on your website, which can in turn improve your search engine rankings. According to Google, a good user experience is a key ranking factor.

Key features Doyenhub Product Size Chart

  • Create unlimited custom size charts.
  • Assign one size chart to the product from the product page edit page.
  • Assign size chart to single or multiple products.
  • Clone the custom-created product size chart template and customize the size chart as per your needs.
  • Display size chart as WooCommerce product summary section.
  • Display size chart as a popup.
  • Add/Edit multiple rows on the chart table as per your requirements.
  • Add custom Measurement in Size chart template.
  • Enter formatted text and media into the description of your size charts.
  • Create unlimited row and a column for the Size chart table.

More Features are on the way, Stay Tuned!

We are waiting for your feedback and new feature suggestion to improve the plugin! Please contact us at


  • Download the plugin
  • Upload the folder “doy-product-size-chart” to wp-content/plugins (or upload a zip through the WordPress admin)
  • Activate and enjoy!


Can I customize the size chart for each product?

Yes, Doyenhub size chart plugins allow you to customize the size chart for each product. This means you can create a unique size chart for each product, or use a template size chart and make any necessary modifications.

Where will the size chart be displayed?

The size chart will be displayed on the product detail page as a popup modal.

Can I use size chart for products other than clothing?

Yes, a size chart plugin can be used for any type of product that has a specific size. This could include shoes, hats, gloves, and more. You can customize the size chart to match the size measurements of your product.

Will the size chart plugin work with my theme?

Doyenhub size chart plugins is designed to work with any WordPress theme. However, it’s always a good idea to test the plugin on stage site to ensure that it is compatible with your theme.


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