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This Zoom Meeting WordPress Plugin provides you with great functionality of managing Zoom meetings, webinars, scheduling options, and users directly from your WP dashboard. eRoom Zoom WordPress plugin enables direct integration of Zoom with your WordPress website.
Video conferences, online meetings, and chat sessions play a significant role in providing and maintaining communication between participants and contribute to smooth collaboration in terms of distance interaction.

To make the process even more convenient, StylemixThemes developed eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar WordPress Plugin to ensure you have a strong tool supporting your business.

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eRoom plugin is natively integrated into bestselling WordPress themes:
MasterStudy — Education WordPress Theme
Consulting — Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

Introducing eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar WordPress Plugin

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar WordPress Plugin provides you with great functionality of managing Zoom meetings, scheduling options, and users directly from your WordPress dashboard.
The plugin is a free yet robust and reliable extension that enables direct integration of the world’s leading video conferencing tool Zoom with your WordPress website.

With the help of the plugin, you will be able to create and manage meetings making it easier for every user to participate.

Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars are an ideal solution for virtual lectures. It is a perfect way to conduct big online events and distribute them to large audiences.

Webinars make a valuable addition to the eRoom plugin and reflect the best practice of a one-to-many communication approach.

Webinars will be perfect for you if you:

  • offer virtual lectures;
  • distribute to a large audience;
  • use the listen-only mode;
  • want to diversify your content;
  • want to manage webinars directly from your dashboard.

With flexible Zoom plans, the number of webinar participants can be up to 10,000.

In eRoom plugin, you will be able to create webinars, add them to any page of the site, and sell them as WooCommerce Products. A convenient management system will be enjoyable for you and beneficial to your customers.

Who Is It For?

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar Plugin is a comprehensive tool, which is an indispensable and necessary solution for lots of educational institutions, consulting firms, and remote businesses.
It is especially helpful while adapting to distance work. The plugin and the idea of video conferencing are applicable to a wide range of niches, especially it is beneficial for online learning.

This tool is suitable for conducting online training sessions, seminars and lectures, business meetings and online consultations.
The service is developed for collaboration, training, and technical support and mainly aims to enhance the engagement among the participants.
eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar helps to shorten the distance and connect you with your coworkers regardless of your location.

Main Features

With eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar Plugin you do not need to obtain and combine any other video conferencing solutions.
It is a complete, comprehensive tool that connects your website with the ultimate eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar service and provides you with lots of control options.


  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Provides integration of Zoom on WordPress
  • Compatible with Zoom API
  • Enables Zoom video conferencing features
  • Provides shortcode to conduct the meeting on any WordPress page
  • Has admins area to manage the meetings
  • Allows to add and manage users
  • Includes Zoom performance and engagement reports

Syncing meetings with Google Calendar

eRoom allows syncing meetings with calendars. You can easily import the meeting file to iCal or duplicate the information to Google Calendar. The only thing you have to do is save the event and set the reminder if you want. This feature is especially useful for those who have lots of appointments, making it easier to keep track and access meetings from their calendar.


In eRoom Pro, you can also use a Google Meet addon to connect and use Google Meet for planning and making calls, video lessons, meetings, discussions, and many more live activities.

On top of that, with Google Meet integration in eRoom you can run your planned live conferences directly on your website without opening and entering in a separate browser tab.

Creating Google Meet meetings within your WordPress website with eRoom is super easy and effortless.

Plan and participate in Google Meet sessions within your WordPress dashboard. Get rid of the need to switch between platforms. You can plan the meetings in one place and manage the participants.

eRoom purchasable meetings

For those who want to monetize the meetings or offer the customers something new, you can always upgrade eRoom plugin with the paid addon — eRoom purchasable meetings.

eRoom purchasable meetings will add more value to your business. With this tool, you can make your video conferences and webinars available for purchase as WooCommerce products. A great way to monetize your services in a digital format. Offer your customers consultations, and training as live sessions or recorded webinars and let them choose and buy the favorite product.

Recurring Meetings

Recurring meetings and webinars is another paid add-on that gives you the ability to create Zoom meetings with recurrency.
It is enough to create a single meeting and each occurrence will be using the same meeting ID and settings.

Recurring events Increase engagement and productivity. It is especially beneficial for managers and team leads. It also allows holding regular check-ins making sure every user or customer is involved.

Simple in usage

Interaction between eRoom and WooCommerce plugins makes it very easy to create a purchasable meeting. All you need to do is to add your meeting as a new WooCommerce product which makes it available for users to buy. Users can join the meeting directly from the browser or Zoom app. There is also a possibility for them to interact with the host via messages.

  • Easily use it on any WordPress website without interruptions.
  • Integrate your website with the most popular conferencing platform Zoom.
  • Apply all the major video conferencing features from Zoom on your site.
  • Use shortcodes and builder modules to add meetings to any site page.
  • Enjoy an intuitive admins panel and effortlessly adjust settings.

Promote your services in a new way

Use purchasable meetings as a marketing tool. Find a new audience that will be interested in online webinars and will be ready to pay for it.

Why You Should Use the Plugin

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar WordPress plugin is the perfect solution for your website if you are interested in broadcasting live or hosting virtual events in real-time.
High-definition video and audio and the ability to join for many participants are the primary things you get.
Companies can stay connected with text, image, and audio file delivery over instant messaging communications.

The main objective of this plugin is to enable the meetings and joining them straight from the page of your WordPress website.
The plugin lets you schedule meetings from the WordPress dashboard. There is a shortcode that is generated automatically and can be added to the page,
so users can see a countdown before the meeting starts and join the meeting directly from the page.

The plugin allows you to use all the features provided by Zoom, such as:

  • Video conference option.
  • Manage participants
  • Live chat
  • Screen sharing option
  • Full-screen mode

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Please find more details on Plugin Installation in documentation
  4. Set Up Page in Menu -> Zoom.


How do users join the conference?

Users will have two options. They can join the conference either via the browser or in the Zoom app. Both options provide the same experience.

How can I manage the meetings, do I have to use Zoom itself?

Everything is held in your dashboard, the plugin enables the full integration with the Zoom platform. So you use only the admin panel and create and manage Zoom meetings directly on your website.

Do I have to create a separate page for the meeting or can I paste it to any site page?

There are shortcodes and popular page builders modules that will help you to insert conference to any page on your website.

Is it compatible with my theme?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. Install it and enjoy the flawless performance.

Am I able to manage users?

The plugin settings allow you to add and manage users. But, you should remember that you can add users in accordance with the Zoom Plans, so they will be active for the chosen plan. More information about Zoom pricing plans you can find here:

Do I need a Zoom account?

Yes, you should be registered in Zoom. Also, on the plan you are using there depends the number of hosts and users you can add.

What if I want to save the webinar?

You can do it, just use the URL link of the video, so users could watch it later. In addition to this, with eRoom purchasable meetings plugin you will be able even to sell your webinars and meetings. Learn more:


March 29, 2024 1 reply
Hands down the best solution to integrate Zoom on your wp site. The support is phenomenal, they went above and beyond to fix PHP compatibility issue we were facing.
January 16, 2024 1 reply
It is nice to have the possibilities to add zoom meetings directly in Wordpress. But actually the pro plugin offers very poor functionalities for the price. There is no possibility to add meetings automatically to a calendar. Also the layout of the meetings is not adaptable or very poor options to adjust to a corporate ID. Hopefully the eroom plugin team will add some new features, especially the automatization should be considered as this is what our clients want.
May 9, 2023 1 reply
This is a great app! Thanks for it. But, you can make it better by adding a functionality that make possible to do meetings and webinars directly on website where plugins is integrated.
April 21, 2023 1 reply
can you deactivate that “Zoom is deprecating their JWT app from June of 2023 and until the deadline all your current APIs will work. Please see JWT App Type Depreciation FAQ for more details, It is recommended to run the migration wizard in easy steps to smooth the transition to the new Server to Server OAuth system.” Message
April 15, 2023 1 reply
I am so, happy to be able to use this app! It is awesome and meets all of my needs for teaching and having my webinars. Thank you!
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  • Fix: Minor bugs


  • Enhancements: Authorization checks have been added to AJAX queries for better data protection.


  • Fix: Minor bugs


  • Fix: Join in browser after creating a meeting didn’t work because of SDK settings in Zoom.


  • Fix: After updating the Pro plugin, addons are turned off.
  • Fix: After updating the previously created meeting will not have a provider selected, but the meeting will be fully functional.
  • Fix: When pressing Join in the browser via an Android phone, the page becomes long and the block to enter the meeting will have to be searched all over the page.


  • New: Added a Google Meet Addon to create Google meetings(Pro).
  • Enhancements: Removed the JWT connection from the plugin settings.
  • Enhancements: Hid Assign Host ID section to improve user-friendliness and avoid confusion.
  • Enhancements: Users and Add User tabs merged tabs for user-friendliness.
  • Enhancements: Changed the name and appearance of Reports.
  • Fix: Small bug fixes.


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Updated: Libraries were updated to the latest version of the plugin


  • Updated: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3
  • Updated: Zoom API Client updated


  • Updated: Guzzle library updated to 6.5.x


  • New: Added a Popup in the WordPress admin toolbar for internal notifications.
  • Updated: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2
  • Fixed: Styles of Zoom Lesson did not load when Lesson Duration was added.


  • Updated: Zoom Web SDK API updated to 2.11.0
  • Fixed: Join in Browser did not work: “Invalid parameter” error.


  • Fixed: Broken Access Control vulnerability


  • Fixed: Minor bugs


  • New: Server-to-Server OAuth App to replace the functionality of a JWT App, since it will be deprecated on June 1, 2023. For more details see JWT App Type Deprecation FAQ.
  • New: Migration wizard added to smooth the transition from JWT app to Server-to-Server OAuth App. Server-to-Server OAuth API credentials can be get following the manual.


  • Fixed: Deprecated functions of Elementor are replaced with actual ones


  • Fixed: Minor bugs


  • Updated: Zoom Web SDK API updated to 2.8.0
  • Updated: Compatibility with WordPress 6.1


  • Fixed: Deprecated Elementor methods


  • Save Settings Notice Added


  • Security update


  • Security update


  • fixed: Check ‘wp_get_current_user’ function


  • fixed: Mailchimp pluggable conflict fix


  • updated: Compatibility with WordPress 5.9
  • fixed: Minor visual bugs


New: MailChimp Integration. The notification with options to add the user’s data in our newsletters after activating the plugin


  • fixed: Removed Freemius SDK from plugin’s core (see the previous update about Freemius SDK)


  • new: Freemius SDK for better analytics and understanding


  • new: Added new feature roadmap for eRoom


  • new: Approve or block entry for users from specific countries/regions
  • new: New meeting e-mail notification for host
  • new: eRoom meeting frontend editing via Elementor
  • fixed: Daylight saving time in time zones
  • fixed: Date format on meeting page


  • updated: Nuxy submodule


  • fixed: Admin Dashboard notifications lag


  • updated: Admin Dashboard notifications updated


  • fixed: PRO Features button slider error
  • fixed: Minor PHP errors


  • new: Generate password option added


  • added: Feedback module inside eRoom settings
  • added: Roadmap voting in eRoom settings


  • new: iCal Export and Google Calendar added
  • fixed: Meeting grid styling on mobile devices
  • fixed: Checkbox fields “Require authentication to join for webinar”
  • updated: Shortcode for recurring meetings and category
  • updated: Meetings/webinars connected with Zoom Conference products excluded from the grid and hidden join button with password on single page


  • added: Table Details for recurring on admin panel
  • added: Registration form for webinar type
  • updated: changed label/description for fields
  • updated: renamed wpcfto to nuxy
  • updated: Zoom Web SDK API updated to 1.9.1
  • fixed: changed priority for eroom single page and fixed countdown


  • fixed: Meetings/webinars deleted from WordPress were not deleted from Zoom (now these will be deleted after deleted from trash)
  • fixed: Image appearance for eRoom shortcodes items


  • updated: Pagination for Users section
  • updated: Countdown for three-digit number of days
  • fixed: Zoom token expiration issue
  • fixed: Console error testTool.isMobileDevise is not a function
  • fixed: Set current date if date field is empty
  • fixed: time zone for Azores
  • new: Go Pro page added


  • updated: Zoom Web SDK API updated to 1.8.5
  • fixed: Zoom API 2.0 incompatibility issues fixed
  • fixed: Enforce Login and Join Before Host issues fixed
  • improvement: Join in browser 2nd step deleted – the users participate the meeting directly after clicking Join in browser button as attendee
  • improvement: Waiting room option added to Webinar and Meeting


  • added: Stylemix announcements in admin dashboard


  • fixed: time zone changes according to zoom


  • improvements: Integration with Bookit Calendar Appointments


  • fixed: show alternative host
  • fixed: issue with setting the meeting date later than 1970 that occurs in 32 bit system
  • improvements: hide api secret in frontend.
  • translations: changed meeting setting words ‘Host Join Start’ to ‘Host video’, ‘Start after participants’ to ‘Participant video’


  • fixed: date translations in webinar/meeting info
  • fixed: default webinar/meeting date was set to 1st Jan 1970 instead of current time
  • cosmetics: styled meeting/product views in Pearl theme


  • WPCFTO Framework updated


  • Zoom Meeting Start Time issue fixed.
  • Zoom Synchronization Timezone problem fixed.
  • Readme updated


  • Zoom Webinars Integrated.
  • Zoom Meetings & Webinars Synchronization feature added.
  • Single Webinar Shortcode added – [stm_zoom_webinar post_id=”” hide_content_before_start=””]
  • Zoom Webinar WPBakery Page Builder element added
  • Zoom Webinar Elementor Page Builder element added
  • Zoom Webinar Email field added to Join in Browser feature
  • Settings Quicklink added to Plugins page.
  • Default Timezone set to Meeting Settings.
  • Zoom menu name changed into eRoom.
  • STM_ZOOM Class name changed into StmZoom.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • WPBakery shortcode bug fixed.


  • Meetings Grid shortcake added
  • Single Meeting page added
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • First Version of Plugin.