WordPress Event Plugin (Events Manager, Event Calendar, WooCommerce Event Tickets)


All-in-one Event Management solution for Single or Multi-Event & Attendees Management.

WP Eventin is a simple and easy to use WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin to manage Event, Calendar, Conference and Sell Tickets. The Eventin Plugin supports WordPress Shortcode and Elementor Builder. The plugin comes with both Single and Multi Event features. You can leverage Zoom for scheduling both single events and multi-events.

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👍 Use this unique Event Solution Plugin and sell your tickets online. It will be helpful for Webinar, Zoom Conference, Single and Multi-Event.


Sell Event Tickets with WP Eventin Plugin – Fully Compatible with Woocommerce.

Create Events, Sell Tickets, Track Attendees, Event Calendar and more with WP Eventin Features:

  • Multi Event and Single Event – Create an event with a single starting and ending date or add multiple events with multiple starting and ending dates.
  • Event Listing – Show multiple events on your page with an event listing feature. You can list related events to let users choose from similar events they want to attend.
  • Recurring Events – Create multiple events and make them repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
  • Event Calendar – Calendar brings a better user experience by providing straight designs. Users will be able to see all the available live events and select the specific date to see which events are under that event. Both shortcode and Elementor widgets are available for WP Eventin. Check calendar module documentation for more details.

  • Event Filtering on Event Archive Page – Add option to filter events based on event category on your event archive page.

  • Timezone Support for Event – Set your timezone for your event according to your location to make it easier to check the exact time of events.
  • Unique attendee ticket for each attendee – Track your event guests with unique attendee tickets for each event attendee.
  • Multiple Ticket – Create multiple types of tickets for events such as ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, ‘VIP’ and set different prices for different tickets.
  • Zoom Integration – Host online events smoothly with Zoom integration and notify your users with an email with Zoom details.
  • RTL Language Support – Set your website details with RTL language support to make it user friendly for all types of users.
  • Unite Ticketing System – Get the complete solution from creating, selling to printing tickets to manage your sales.
  • Purchaser Update Attendee Details from Ticket Email – Purchaser can self-update ticket details after purchase by clicking on the ticket details directly from their email.
  • Download Attendee Tickets from Admin Dashboard – Find all of your attendee tickets and download them directly from the admin dashboard.
  • Admin can send email including unique ticket IDs of all attendees for single / multiple purchase – Setup your admin email to send emails with unique ticket IDs to ticket purchasers.
  • Report of all attendees – Get a detailed report on all attendees to track attendee status.
  • Trendy Multi Repeater Schedule – Get support for repeater event schedule and set multi schedules for events.
  • Speaker Listing – Show your event speakers to your guests by creating a speaker listing on your event page.
  • Multi Speaker functionality – Add multiple speakers to your events to encourage guests to buy your event tickets.
  • Speaker Single Page – Dedicate a single page for your speaker to highlight your speaker details and share their company logo, social media links, company url and more.
  • Elementor Builder Shortcode – Get multiple customization options with elementor builder shortcode to display your content on your event pages.
  • WooCommerece Payment System – Make the process of buying tickets simple and easy for your guests with WooCommerce Payment System.
  • Add Event to Personal Calendar – Add and Sync the events with your personal calendars such as google calendar, yahoo calendar, iCal, and Outlook calendars. Eventin provides easy to add events to a personal calendar.
  • Sidebar Calendar Widget – You can display calendars with daily, weekly, and monthly views in multiple styles. Guests can go through your calendar and filter events by category. Moreover, multiple calendar views available in order to display upcoming events on your event page. You can add monthly, weekly, and daily Event lists to your site.

  • Manage event ticket stock with WooCommerce order status change – Your event ticket stocks will be managed simultaneously with WooCommerce order status and show the updated ticket stock on your event page automatically.

  • Remove attendee / ticket data of failed payments after a defined time – Set a time limit for purchaser’s to clear their payment for tickets after which attendees will be removed and ticket stock will be updated again.

WP Eventin Pro Features Gives You More Customization Options:

WP Eventin Pro features list that brings ultimate independency.

  • 10+ Multi Event Widgets – Get multiple widgets to design your event page with event details.
  • 5+ Speaker Widgets – Create attractive speaker pages with speaker widgets.
  • 3+ Single Event Widgets – Spend less time designing your event page by using single event widgets.
  • Invoice Printing Options – Store your ticket sale records by downloading and printing your invoices.
  • Filter events by tag name ( Elementor widget ) – Add event filtering option with tag name using Elementor widget.
  • Add unlimited F.A.Q. to an event – Answer common questions for your events by adding unlimited FAQs for each event.
  • Event banner option with color or custom image as banner background – Customize your event page with a custom banner image or color that matches your event theme.
  • Enhanced event dashboard with more data and advantage of searching, sorting option – Track the performance of your events by checking event data from your dashboard.
  • User notification about upcoming event – Remind users of upcoming events with reminder notification.
  • Show counter on registration single page banner – Add a countdown timer to your event page for users to easily determine how much time is left before the event begins.
  • Multiple event templates for better user experience – Choose from a series of templates to find the perfect match for your event.
  • Show event attendees in event details page – Let guests know who is attending the event with attendee list in event details page.
  • Generate Unique ID & Show ID on Tickets & Reports for Attendees – Keep track of your attendees with unique ticket IDs which will appear on attendee tickets and reports.
  • View/Export sorted & filtered attendee report as CSV – Get your attendee reports in CSV format to manage event attendees.
  • Unlimited extra fields for attendee registration form/Export data as CSV Report – Add unlimited field for attendee registration form and check attendee submissions by exporting data as CSV report.
  • Checkbox input at registration form – Checkbox input will make online registration for events better. Guests can simply click their way to add information to registration forms.


  • WP Eventin Events List – Show relevant events with event list widget.
  • WP Eventin Events Tab – Create event tabs with event tab widget.
  • WP Eventin Schedule List – Insert schedule lists to show event agenda.
  • WP Eventin Schedule Tab – Insert event schedules in tabs format.
  • WP Eventin Zoom Meeting – Add Zoom event details on the event page.
  • WP Eventin Speaker Grid – Show all event speakers in a grid format.
  • WP Eventin Advanced Search – Filter events on archive page with advanced search.
  • Upcoming/Expiring Event Tab – Let visitors know about upcoming/expiring events.


  • Unlimited Event FAQ – Add unlimited FAQ for your events.
  • Event Countdown Widget – Alert visitors on the time remaining until the event starts.
  • Widget for WP Eventin Attendee List – Show attendee list on event pages.
  • Schedule List/Tab Widgets with Multiple Templates – Design your schedule lists/tabs with multiple templates.
  • Show Counter on Registration Single Page Banner – Add countdown timer to show time remaining for the event..
  • Elementor Widgets for Designing Event Details Page – Create the perfect design for your event page.
  • Organizers and Speaker List/Slider Widget with Multiple Templates – Add organizer and speaker to your event page as lists or sliders.


  • View event specific attendee list – Track event attendees using attendee lists.
  • Export event specific attendee list – Download event specific list in CSV.
  • Detailed Reports for purchase history, sold ticket, remaining ticket – Manage purchase history and ticket stock from your dashboard.


  • Event Schedule – Use shortcode to add event schedule.
  • Event Listing – Add event lists with shortcode.
  • Event Speaker Listing – Add event speakers with shortcode.
  • Zoom Shortcode for Elementor and WordPress – Add Zoom details on the event page with shortcode.

WP Eventin Zoom and Elementor Integration

WP Eventin Plugin Integrated with Elementor builder and Zoom.

💙 Automate Recurring Events with WP Eventin

⭐ Multi Event and Single Event
WP Eventin provides options for both single and multiple events. Depending on your requirement, you can schedule a single event with a single starting and ending date. You can also add multiple events with different starting and ending dates.

Whether your events are in-person or virtual events, WP Eventin boasts professional features backed by our international level team of developers and designers. Check single event template and multi-event template demo before starting.

⭐ Recurring Event Feature
WP Eventin brings you the option to create Recurring Events. Now you can simply create a main event and make multiple events by selecting which days to repeat the event. You can select events to repeat for specific days, weeks, months or years. Seat capacity and tickets for each event can also be managed individually.

⭐Speaker/Organizer Single Pages and Listing
WP Eventin lets you create complete pages for Speakers or Organizers. Showcase the most important people for your events. Create single profile pages and highlight your speaker or organizer skills. Add speaker details, email addresses, company logo, url and social media links. List your speakers and organizers on your event page to let your attendees know about them.

⭐ Zoom Integration
WP Eventin provides options for integrating Zoom in your website. You can schedule Zoom meetings, create & manage meetings, schedules directly from your WordPress dashboard. Creating Zoom specific events is completely free! Now you can also use the Zoom Webinar module for creating a virtual webinar. It will require the Zoom premium version.

Remote office and similar work management requires powerful tools like Zoom to make sure all the communication is going on without any issue. Video conferences, online meetings, and chat sessions play a significant role in providing and maintaining communication between participants. WP Eventin has Zoom meetings integration to ensure you have a strong tool supporting your business.

⭐ WooCommerce Payment System
Worried about the payment system for your event? Leave your worries to us! WP Eventin supports WooCommerce payment gateway. Simply choose the best payment options based on policies, processing rates, and features.

WP Eventin uses WooCommerce to take payment, which provides freedom for using popular payment gateway via WooCommerce. This plugin supports all WordPress versions and can be used to create any types of events.

⭐ WooCommerce Coupon
Coupons create FOMO and encourage visitors to buy. Coupons allow users to save money, motivate to try new products, experience new things, etc. It also applies to Event ticketing discounts. Grow your event ticket sales by offering event coupons and discount on the ticket. Eventin supports WooCommerce coupons on event ticketing.

⭐ Invoice Printing Options
You can print your invoice for individual participants. The function is integrated to print the invoice directly from the admin panel. Our invoice contains detailed packing slips and you can print the woocommerce pdf slips.

It is a good practice to include an invoice and a packing list when you are selling event tickets. The event invoice should contain all the required order details such as the name and address of your company, the billing address of your customer, and a list of all order items including taxes and totals. When you sell internationally, it is a standard requirement in many countries to include an invoice.

⭐ Unite the Ticketing System
The whole ticketing system is now under a single umbrella. United ticketing system at WP Eventin provides full service from creating to printing tickets. You can even sell FREE or set a price for your event tickets. Check out the documentation to learn how to set it up. It’s easier than you think!

⭐ Edit/Update Attendee Data after Ticket Purchase
WP Eventin allows you to update the attendee information like date, name after purchasing a ticket. If you have an unexpected mistake or want to change any previous information, WP Eventin lets you fix it instantly! You can also update the attendee status from “quick edit” option. You will need just a single click to update the status.

⭐ Admin Can Send an Email Including Unique Tickets ID of All Attendees for Single/Multiple Purchases
Send email notifications to event participants and add the unique ticket ID of all attendees. WP Eventin also has options for adding single and multiple purchases. It lets you customize email messages and send them to your users.

⭐ New Admin Dashboard
New dashboard UI for custom post types will help you to create and manage the events more smoothly. You can fill up the required information and settings step by step. Additionally, Users can see event details at a glance with an overview on the user’s dashboard. All of the purchased event details will available in the users dashboard.

⭐ Report of All Attendees
Reporting is always important for analyzing the results and profit calculations. WP Eventin brings the option to check ‘Report of all attendees’. Get a clear, informative report for purchase history, number of sold tickets, and the number of remaining tickets at WP Eventin PRO.

⭐ Attendee Can Update Personal Details
WP Eventin allows users to update their own details in the event page. You can allow your participant to edit their details. Also, it’s helpful for users to edit information submitted to the site. Read our documentation on attendees to learn the complete process.

⭐ Trendy Multi Repeater Schedule
Do you want to set a trendy schedule for the users? Want a repeated schedule for multi-time organizing? WP Eventin supports multi-repeater event schedules. You can get booking like calendar events and repeated event schedules with WP Eventin. The plugin is extremely user-friendly and well-designed for displaying the events calendar on the websites.

⭐Unique QR Code for Attendee Management A unique QR Code can be generated for each event attendee. The QR Code will be available on the ticket. Admin can easily scan the QR Code without any complex system to confirm the participants. Check QR Code documentation for more details. You can use QR Code segmentation for one-step a auto scan and two-step manual scan for conforming attendees.

⭐Grounghogg CRM and FluentCRM Integration Eventin provide the Groundhogg™ CRM and FluentCRM integration. You can send the purchaser and attendee details in CRM and automate your future marketing tasks.

⭐Event Venue with Google Map Integration Make it easier for guests to find your event location with Google Map Integration. You can add your event venue on Google Maps when creating an event. You can show your venue location on your event page using Google Maps.


  • Eventin Main Settings
  • Speaker Listing Backend
  • Speaker Creation Backend
  • Schedule Listing Backend
  • Schedule Creation Backend
  • Event Listing Backend
  • Event Creation Backend
  • Zoom Listing Backend
  • Zoom Creation Backend
  • Event Single Page
  • Event List Widgets
  • Event Tab Widgets
  • Schedule List Widgets
  • Speaker List Widgets
  • Zoom Meeting Details Widgets


This plugin provides 5 blocks.

  • WordPress Event Plugin (Events Manager, Event Calendar, WooCommerce Event Tickets)
  • WordPress Event Plugin (Events Manager, Event Calendar, WooCommerce Event Tickets)
  • WordPress Event Plugin (Events Manager, Event Calendar, WooCommerce Event Tickets)
  • WordPress Event Plugin (Events Manager, Event Calendar, WooCommerce Event Tickets)
  • WordPress Event Plugin (Events Manager, Event Calendar, WooCommerce Event Tickets)


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> Eventin

eg. This plugin requires Woocommerce to use all functionality.


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= 3.1.6 ( June 17, 2022 )=
* Fix : Event location issue fix

= 3.1.5 ( June 16, 2022 )=
* New : Event user’s frontend dashboard
* New : Bricks Builder compatibility added
* Tweak : Style for Settings and CPT’s
* Tweak : UI/UX update in admin dashboard
* Fix : Recurring events array issue
* Fix : Translation text for calendar
* Fix : Extra comma issue in PDF generation

= 3.1.4 ( June 08, 2022 )=
* New : Sidebar Calendar widget
* New : One click attendee ticket status update
* New : Default timezone adjusted in event
* New : Excerpt option added in Event
* New : Hex color code input option in Event
* Tweak : Font size convert px to rem in css
* Tweak : CPT title update in admin dashboard
* Fix : 404 issue for event CPT
* Fix : Elementor design issue
* Fix : Line height issue
* Fix : Related event image resize issue
* Fix : Redundant ticket variation name in attendee from
* Fix : All ticket have been sold out issue
* Fix : Menu label issue

= 3.1.3 ( May 31, 2022 )=
* New : New attendee ticket module
* Fix : General bug fix
* Fix : CSS issue fix

= 3.1.2 ( May 24, 2022 )=
* New : Apply WooCommerce coupon on events
* Tweak : Dashboard design update
* Tweak : Calendar API tweak
* Tweak : Calendar Calendar tweak
* Fix : WooCommerce decimal issue
* Fix : Placeholder not found fatal error issue

= 3.1.1 ( May 22, 2022 )=
* New : Updated admin dashboard UI for CPT’s
* New : New admin dashboard UI for Settings
* Tweak : Calendar module
* Tweak : Security check update
* Fix : PDF download issue

= 3.1.0 ( May 12, 2022 )=
* New : Zoom webinar module
* New : New admin dashboard UI for CPT’s
* Tweak : Zoom meeting module
* Fix : Shortcode parameter issue
* Fix : Admin design issue
* Fix : Escaping & sanitization issue

= 3.0.6 ( May 10, 2022 )=
* Fix : Event registration deadline issue
* Fix : Calendar module bug
* Fix : Quantity picker fix for recurring event
* Fix : Text domain

= 3.0.5 ( April 28, 2022 )=
* Tweak : Week start day for calendar module is synchronizing from WP site settings
* Fix : Settings typo issue
* Fix : Event registration deadline getting expired issue
* Fix : Escaping issue
* Fix : Settings saved date-format not showing for first item

= 3.0.4 ( April 13, 2022 )=
* New : Add event to personal calendar
* Fix : Event registration expire point not working issue fix
* Fix : Fatal error on some servers while updating event data fix
* Fix : Registration deadline issue fix
* Fix : Calendar module bug fix
* Fix : Draft & Private schedule showing on front-end issue fix
* Fix : CSS overriding all anchor tag color issue fix
* Fix : Recurring event date container CSS fix

= 3.0.3 ( March 25, 2022 )=
* Tweak : Notice & Banner module update
* Fix : Elementor deprecated issue fix
* Fix : Typography issue fix
* Fix : Recurring event ticket widget fix

= 3.0.2 ( March 16, 2022 )=
* Tweak : HTML entity support on Event title and Calendar widget
* Tweak : Ticket quantity increment and decrement issue for Shortcode and Elementor widget
* Tweak : Ticket Subtotal and Total price formation
* Fix : Mail from special character supported issue fixed
* Fix : Countdown negative issue fixed
* Fix : Recurring tab ordering issue fixed

= 3.0.1 ( March 03, 2022 )=
* Tweak : Recurring event details page date format update
* Tweak : Events are now getting recognized as Woocommerce order item after checkout
* Fix : Conflict with Paypal Payment Processor
* Fix : Event meta dropdown design issue on admin dashboard
* Fix : Recurring event price not updating on quantity change issue

= 3.0.0 ( February 23, 2022 )=
* New : Multiple / Variable ticketing system for event
* Tweak : More hooks added for overriding settings options
* Tweak : More hooks added before and after add-to-cart form widget
* Tweak : Cart validation message update
* Tweak : Start-time and end-time validation optimized for better use case
* Fix : Password protected event should not show issue fix
* Fix : Event calendar translation fix
* Fix : Related events showing past events
* Fix : Recurring event category and tags are not copied from parent
* Fix : WPML compatibility fix
* Fix : Zoom shortcode not found issue fixed

2.6.3 ( January 28, 2022 )

  • Fix : Fixed WPML conflict with Polylabg plugin

2.6.2 ( January 27, 2022 )

  • Fix : REST API issue fix
  • Fix : Typo spelling fix
  • Fix : Settings tab flickering issue fix
  • Fix : Zoom JWT conflict fix

2.6.1 ( January 20, 2022 )

  • Fix : Calendar warning issue fix
  • Fix : Header already sent issue fix
  • Tweak : Event calendar module
  • Tweak : Admin settings style
  • Tweak : Shortcode menu splitted from settings
  • Tweak : Submenu position altered according to settings
  • Tweak : Enable multiline location in pdf
  • New : WPML compatibility
  • New : Zapier & Pabbly compatibility

2.6.1 ( january 19, 2022 )

  • Fix : Calendar warning issue fix
  • Fix : Header already sent issue fix
  • Tweak : Event calendar module
  • Tweak : Admin settings style
  • Tweak : Shortcode menu splitted from settings
  • Tweak : Submenu position altered according to settings
  • New : WPML compatibility
  • New : Zapier & Pabbly compatibility

2.6.0 ( December 23, 2021 )

  • Fix : CSS issues fix
  • Fix : Meta title fix
  • Fix : Label typo fix
  • Fix : Event meta warning fix
  • Fix : Attendee ticket PDF title misses quotation issue fix
  • New : Event calendar module

2.5.6 ( December 09, 2021 )

  • Fix : CSS issues fix
  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : Typo fix
  • Fix : Attendee order id not inserting issue fix
  • Tweak : Removed attendee’s are handled in a smarter way
  • Tweak : Event purchase architecture update
  • Tweak : Order transaction architecture update
  • Tweak : Attendee ticket management architecture update

2.5.5 ( October 18, 2021 )

  • Fix : Custom taxonomy archive page bug fix
  • Fix : Custom taxonomy slug bug fix
  • Fix : Table prefix issue fix
  • Fix : CSS conflict fix with other plugin

2.5.4 ( September 28, 2021 )

  • Fix : Event start and end time bug fix
  • Fix : Time and date validation updated for event
  • Fix : Time and date validation updated for schedule
  • New : Custom capability added for all CPT’s

2.5.3 ( September 26, 2021 )

  • Tweak : Banner module update
  • Fix : Archive page serach issue fix
  • Fix : Conflict with Elementskit header fix

2.5.2 ( September 23, 2021 )

  • Tweak : Recurring event single day span added
  • Fix : Select Event date in same day
  • Fix : Event name not showing in cart page
  • Fix : Event time picker format
  • Fix : Event date picker validation
  • Fix : Event archive page event sorting
  • Fix : Schedule widget sorting tab by date
  • Fix : Schedule widget color changing
  • Fix : Event,Schedule time showing problem in chrome

2.5.1 ( August 24, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Tweak : Performance update
  • Tweak : Banner module update

2.5.0 ( August 15, 2021 )

  • Fix : Typography fix
  • Fix : Woocommerce order migration fix
  • Fix : Woocommerce stock checking issue fix
  • Fix : WordPress 5.8 compatibility update
  • Fix : Validation fix for attendee fields
  • Tweak : Compatible with PHP8
  • Tweak : Sort events on dashboard according to various options
  • Tweak : New eye catchy date and time picker
  • Tweak : Validation added to event start and end date
  • Tweak : Attendee field structure re-designed and optimization
  • Tweak : Settings to choose where to redirect after woocommerce add-to-cart
  • New : Recurring events

2.4.8 ( July 24, 2021 )

  • Fix : Woocommerce checkout quantity issue fix
  • Fix : Woocommerce meta data migration error fix
  • Fix : translation issue fix
  • Tweak : Compatible with WordPress 5.8

2.4.7 ( July 18, 2021 )

  • Fix : Event stock status fix
  • Fix : Zoom doc link updated on settings
  • Fix : Cart and Checkout page checking added for stock management
  • Fix : Attendee module bug fix
  • Tweak : Code optimization

2.4.6 ( July 06, 2021 )

  • Fix : Search redirect issue fix
  • Fix : Pagination bug fix
  • Fix : Notice error fix in attendee registration form
  • Tweak : Performance optimization
  • Tweak : Event expire settings deprecate
  • Tweak : Attendee ticket sending mechanism upgrade
  • Tweak : Use wordpress date-time format as default plugin settings
  • Tweak : Ticket stock update issue fix
  • New : Speaker details page new template

2.4.5 ( June 23, 2021 )

  • Fix : Schedule bug on event details page
  • Fix : Gutenberg block issue fix
  • Fix : Shortcode generate issue fix
  • Tweak : Compatible with Polylang translation plugin
  • Tweak : Added pagination for archive pages
  • Tweak : Show event timezone on attendee ticket and Woocommerce invoice email
  • New : Timezone support added for events
  • New : Update event ticket stock according to Woocommerce stock management mechanism

2.4.4 ( May 24, 2021 )

  • Fix : Validation fix
  • Fix : Registration form responsive issue fix
  • Fix : Registration form header-footer issue fix
  • Fix : Date format issue fix
  • Fix : Advanced search issue fix
  • Fix : Advanced search issue fixSchedule widget date separator issue fix
  • Tweak : Settings added for sending attendee ticket email
  • Tweak : Constants replaced with functions for increasing memory efficiency
  • New : Feature added to enable / disable tax per event

2.4.3 ( May 09, 2021 )

  • Fix : Schedule list time issue fix on event single page
  • Fix : Schedule list time issue fix on schedule widgets
  • Fix : Speaker widget query fix
  • Fix : Attendee registration form responsive issue fix
  • Fix : Elementor event widget not found issue fix
  • Tweak : Speaker single pages are now editable with Elementor

2.4.2 ( May 05, 2021 )

  • Fix : Schedule list time issue fix on Speaker profile page
  • Tweak : Notification settings update
  • Tweak : UTF-8 encoding unifont directory issue fix
  • New : Elementor widget for Event with tab
  • New : Search option added to event archive page

2.4.1 ( April 29, 2021 )

  • Fix : Translation issue fix
  • Fix : CSS optimization
  • Tweak : Filter events by upcoming and expired inside widgets
  • Tweak : New styles added for widgets
  • Tweak : UTF-8 encoding support inside PDF tickets
  • Tweak : Send zoom event details on order status update
  • New : New event widget with tabs
  • New : Send zoom meeting password with zoom joining URL

2.4.0 ( April 13, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : Download ticket from email – mobile client issue fix
  • Fix : Update information from email – mobile client issue fix
  • Tweak : Performance optimization
  • Tweak : Attendee report conditions update
  • Tweak : Update attendee payment status from Admin dashboard
  • Tweak : Update attendee payment status on Order status change
  • Tweak : Update purchase report status on Order status change

2.3.9 ( March 18, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : JS script fix
  • Fix : Attendee extra field markup issue fix
  • Tweak : Attendee meta box now showing conditionally

2.3.8 ( March 09, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : JS script fix
  • Fix : Gutenberg block bug fix
  • Fix : PDF datetime format fix
  • Tweak : Single page template rendering update for both speaker and event
  • Tweak : Render HTML tags inside speaker summary
  • Tweak : Speaker sessions ordering update

2.3.7 ( February 24, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : JS script fix
  • Fix : Settings validation fix
  • Tweak : Modified attendee form fields mechanism
  • Tweak : Settings tab stays selected after saving

2.3.6 ( February 18, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : JS script fix
  • Fix : Hide Organizers settings issue fix
  • Fix : ‘Attend’ button gets replaced with ‘Expired’ on widgets
  • Fix : Remove ‘Attend’ button on single page if ticket sold out.
  • Fix : Default value added for ‘Include Into Search’ Settings
  • Fix : Zoom module conflict fix
  • New : More hooks added for overriding speaker and event template
  • New : Speaker widgets re-ordering feature added
  • New : Schedule List Items sorting and re-ordering

2.3.5 ( February 14, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : Gutenberg block bug fixes

2.3.4 ( February 11, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : Override templates from child theme
  • Fix : Date translation issue fix
  • Tweak : Code optimization and performance update
  • Tweak : More hooks added for template overriding
  • Tweak : Zoom Meeting API calling
  • Tweak : Speaker ordering added in Speakers shortcode
  • New : Zoom Meeting Update feature
  • New : Gutenberg Block added for available shortcodes

2.3.3 ( February 02, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : Zoom meeting meta bug fix
  • Tweak : Code optimization and performance update
  • Tweak : Post meta saving architecture upgrade
  • Tweak : Enqueue scripts and styles more efficiently
  • New : New Event meta to register event as WooCommerce Virtual Product
  • New : Control / Modify / Update attendee data from admin panel
  • New : Handle attendee ticket status from admin panel
  • New : Update purchase report status automatically when admin updates WooCommerce order status

2.3.2 ( January 27, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : Event single page form attendee count issue
  • Fix : Translation issue
  • Tweak : Code optimization and performance update
  • New : Template structure update to make all overridable templates developer friendly

2.3.1 ( January 07, 2021 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Tweak : Code optimization and performance update

2.3.0 ( December 29, 2020 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Fix : Zoom Elementor Widget control design fix
  • Tweak : Settings module and structure change
  • Tweak : Related events module sliced from single page
  • Tweak : Notice module optimization
  • Tweak : Zoom shortcode rendering update
  • New : More support inside Help Desk

2.2.1 ( December 13, 2020 )

  • Fix : General bug fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Tweak : Licence settings update

2.2.0 ( December 10, 2020 )

  • Fix : Event settings update
  • Fix : Helper files updated and more re-used
  • Fix : Support links updated on menu
  • Fix : Unlimited ticket issue fix
  • Fix : jQuery fix
  • Fix : CSS fix
  • Tweak : Notice module update
  • New : Separate event ticket form module
  • New : Event ticket form widget
  • New : Go back option from attendee registration form

2.1.2 ( December 03, 2020 )

  • Tweak : Zoom ID generate mechanism
  • Tweak : Schedule List Objective rendering update
  • Tweak : Event template rendering optimization
  • Fix : Admin menu and banner visibility fix
  • Fix : Go pro menu bug fix
  • New : Menu for direct support

2.1.1 ( December 02, 2020 )

  • Fix : Minor issues fix
  • Tweak : Performance optimization

2.1.0 ( November 23, 2020 )

  • Fix : Search settings bug
  • Fix : Ticket form template update
  • Fix : Settings title fix
  • Fix : Removed edit action from attendee dashboard
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Tweak : Remaining tickets and total attendee design on ticket form
  • Tweak : Settings panel update
  • Tweak : Performance update
  • New : Enable / Disable attendee registration depending on settings
  • New : Enable / Disable attendee registration fields depending on settings
  • New : Buy event ticket(s) without submitting attendee data
  • New : Archive page for Event Tags and Categories

2.0.1 ( November 12, 2020 )

  • Fix : Query fix for speaker and schedule post
  • Fix : Attendee post type not found issue
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Tweak : Woocommerce single page notice conflict with Astra theme
  • Tweak : Performance update
  • New : Show total attendee of an event inside event single page
  • New : Option to show / hide event attendee count

2.0.0 ( November 05, 2020 )

  • Fix : General bug fixes
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Fix : Speaker single page error
  • Tweak : Performance update
  • New : Ticketing system, send email inlcuding unique tickets ID of all attendees for single / multiple purchase
  • New : Provide attendee data for unique tickets
  • New : Update attendee data after ticket purchase
  • New : Download ticket PDF from sent email
  • New : Download ticket PDF from admin dashboard
  • New : Report of all attendees
  • New : Remove attendee / ticket data of failed payments after a defined time
  • New : Filter events by tag name ( Elementor widget )
  • New : Option for changing primary and secondary colors


  • Tweak : Performance update
  • New : Submenu, plugin actions and plugin meta row for buy-pro


  • Fix : Speaker single page bug
  • Fix : CSS issue
  • New : Show / Hide expired events in Event listing


  • Fix : General bug fixes
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Fix : Translation fixes
  • Fix : Speaker meta field updated
  • Fix : Speaker single page markup update
  • Tweak : Now user can show both company name and designation through speaker designation meta field


  • Fix : General bug fixes
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Fix : Template folder name related issues fixed


  • Fix : Translation issues fixes
  • Fix : Event single page organizer-list bug fix
  • Update : .pot file updated
  • New : Make event tickets unlimited
  • New : Restrict add-to-cart for invalid ticket quantity


  • Fix : Admin Settings Tab bug fixes
  • Update : .pot file updated


  • Fix : Default price label fixes
  • Fix : Design issue fixes
  • Tweak : Optimization and performance update
  • Tweak : Notice user for zoom events on event single page
  • Tweak : Notice user for zoom events on woocommerce thank-you page
  • Added : RTL layout support
  • Added : Create event as zoom event
  • Added : Customer will get zoom meeting joining URL inside invoice email if he/she buys zoom meeting event


  • Fix : Some Design issue fixes
  • Fix : Elementor widget sorting issue fixes
  • Fix : Escaping issue fixes
  • Fix : Related event settings fixes
  • Tweak : Schedule and Event page template optimization
  • Tweak : Banner and Color-picker feature optimization
  • Tweak : Optimization and performance update
  • Added : Archive page for event


  • Tweak : Optimization and performance update


  • Added : Speaker and Event Slug change option
  • Added : New date format to the settings
  • Tweak : Update Zoom API connection message
  • Tweak : CSS update in settings
  • Fix : Date format issue on widget and event single page


  • Added : New Admin Dashboard Design
  • Added : Zoom Integration
  • Added : Create meeting from admin menu
  • Added : Shortcode to show zoom meeting information.
  • Added : Elementor widget to create meeting and show meeting.
  • Added : Language pot file
  • Fix : Woocommerce product name is not showing.


  • Fixed Elementor Widget Duplicate issue


  • Update time format for 24 hour
  • Added Multi Speaker Features


  • Fixed Mobile Menu issue


  • Updated Readme file and Screenshot