Staggs Product Configurator for WooCommerce


Product configurators are becoming more popular, because you can present your products in ways store owners could only dream about. With the Staggs Product Configurator plugin, we bring that amazing concept to the WooCommerce stores.

The Staggs Product Configurator is a special one for sure! It comes with a fully responsive, modern and clean design and lives right in your WordPress dashboard. Just like your favorite eCommerce tool: WooCommerce. So you don’t need a third-party tool to implement configurable products in WooCommerce. You can create them right from your beloved WordPress admin dashboard.

The product configurator uses stackable image layers to help you save loads of time creating all the variation images yourselves! Building a product configurator with Staggs is just as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Create product groups: product groups bundle the product items together.
2. Add product items: product items represent the single product variations.
3. Build your configurable product.

Allow your customer to truly engage with the product configurator by adding stunning images and gorgeous backgrounds!


The Staggs Product Configurator comes with a lot of features for free, including:

  1. Stackable images
  2. A built-in dark and light theme
  3. A simple touch-based UI to provide an optimal user experience
  4. Works great on any device
  5. Up to 10 different step types to choose from*
  6. Real-time image preview and price calculation
  7. Sticky add to cart button
  8. Support for sale prices
  9. Seamless integration with WooCommerce
  10. Built right into your WordPress dashboard

*The amount of step types depend on the type of subscription. Free plan comes with seven step types.

We have also added some additional features, like support for multiple product image views, scroll images into view, product item stock management and conditional steps.

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Preparing the product configurator

Before we set up the configurator, we have to identify the configurator steps. What will we allow our customers to edit? What steps are there going to be? When we have that clear and layout out, we can start creating images for these step options.

The idea here is that you create an image for each product variation. So were are basically cutting the product in various pieces. All pieces combined should display the finished product. The cool thing about this is that you only have to create images for the various options in each step. Not for all the combinations, because the configurator will do that for you.

Important! Keep the same image sizes for all of your images for the configurator. Otherwise some parts may not be displayed correctly in the final product.

Creating the product configurator

When you have finished creating all the images, we can start adding the product configurator groups. The groups will be used to combine all the related product items. With all product groups in place, we can then add all the individual product items to the product groups, which will be used in the configurator.

With all the configurator groups in place, we only need to create the configurable product itself and link the product groups. And there you have it! Your first product configurator is complete.

Need help? Read the documentation for a detailed guide


Here at Staggs, we believe that product configurators are meant to be easy and fun. No more complex configurators and headaches. So we created Staggs, a product configurator for WooCommerce that allows you to easily set up a product configurator in just 3 steps.


  • Configurable products for WooCommerce
  • Admin Product Configurator Builder
  • Admin Product Item list
  • Available Configurator Step Views
  • Configurator Layouts
  • Make It Personal
  • Let Your Customers Decide
  • Product Configurator Light Theme
  • Product Configurator Dark Theme
  • Product Configurator Custom Theme (premium)
  • Product Import & Export Tool (premium)


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the ‘Staggs’ tab in the admin menu
  4. Define your configurator product groups
  5. Add your configurator product items in the Product Items overview and link it to the product groups
  6. Create a new WooCommerce Simple product and check the box ‘Enable configurator’ in the product advanced tab
  7. Build your product configurator with available step options and configured product groups in the WooCommerce Admin Product Page
  8. Publish the product and enjoy!


What is this plugin?

This plugin enables you to take the user experience of ordering a product to the next level. Give the user a pleasant shopping experience by allowing your customers to carefully put their products together in a playful way.

Why use this plugin?

This plugin allows you to transform your regular product pages into product configurators and product customizers! If you are looking for a new way to display your products, you should definitely try this one out!

Does it require WooCommerce?

Yes, this plugin uses WooCommerce products and cart system for a convenient and familiar checkout process.

Do I have to add WooCommerce Products to my shop?

Yes, you need to add a WooCommerce product to your shop in order for this configurator to work.

Do I need to configure a WooCommerce Product?

Yes, it is required to fill out a product title, product price and product image for the configurator to work. We recommend you fill in your base price for the product, because it may show up in search results or Google Shopping (if enabled).

Does it support variable products?

No, because that is a kind of configurable product in itself.

Is the plugin free to use?

Absolutely! This plugin is free to use. But you can choose to upgrade to a paid version to get more options.

Does it work with Elementor or any other page builder?

Staggs is not bound to any page builder. So you can perfectly use any page builder in combination with the Staggs Product Configurator. However, you are not allowed to edit the configurator product page. Only the default WooCommerce product pages.


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Contributors & Developers

“Staggs Product Configurator for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added support for multiple configurator layouts
  • Added step default view and compact views
  • Added box appearance rounded and squared
  • Added support for tooltips in Icons and Swatches step
  • Added toggle switch element for True-False step
  • Added default WooCommerce product hooks for optimal plugin support
  • Optionally set default option indication (like Included)
  • Use default WooCommerce settings for redirecting to cart page
  • Added welcome message to get you started even faster
  • Added hooks and filters
  • Fix loading custom fonts


  • Added support for multiple conditional step rules
  • Added support for limitation of draggable preview area
  • Improve plugin admin appearance
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Added support for mobile touch
  • Added support for sticky add to cart button
  • Bug fixes