WooCommerce is the open-source ecommerce platform for WordPress.

Our core platform is free, flexible, and amplified by a global community. The freedom of open-source means you retain full ownership of your store’s content and data forever.

Whether you’re launching a business, taking brick-and-mortar retail online, or developing sites for clients, use WooCommerce for a store that powerfully blends content and commerce.


Built-in tools and popular integrations help you efficiently manage your business operations. Many services are free to add with a single click via the optional Setup Wizard.

  • Choose how you want to get paid. Conveniently manage payments from the comfort of your store with WooPayments (Available in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy). Securely accept credit cards, mobile wallets, bank transfers, and cash thanks to 100+ payment gateways – including Stripe, PayPal, and Square.
  • Configure your shipping options. Print USPS labels right from your dashboard and even schedule a pickup with WooCommerce Shipping (U.S.-only). Connect with well-known carriers such as UPS and FedEx – plus a wide variety of delivery, inventory, and fulfillment solutions for your locale.
  • Simplify sales tax. Add WooCommerce Tax or similar integrated services to make automated calculations a reality.

Grow your business, add features, and monitor your store on the go

WooCommerce means business. Keep tabs on the performance metrics most important to you with WooCommerce Admin – a powerful, customizable central dashboard for your store.

Expand your audience across marketing and social channels with Google Ads, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Facebook integrations. You can always check out the in-dashboard Marketing Hub for fresh ideas and tips to help you succeed.

Enhance store functionality with hundreds of free and paid extensions from the official WooCommerce Marketplace. Our developers vet each new extension and regularly review existing extensions to maintain Marketplace quality standards. We are actively looking for products that help store builders create successful stores.

Manage your store from anywhere with the free WooCommerce mobile app (Android and iOS). Spoiler alert: Keep an ear out for the slightly addictive “cha-ching” notification sound each time you make a new sale!

Own and control your store data – forever

With WooCommerce, your data belongs to you. Always.

If you opt to share usage data with us, you can feel confident knowing that it’s anonymized and kept secure. Choose to opt-out at any time without impacting your store.

Unlike hosted ecommerce solutions, WooCommerce store data is future-proof; you’re free to export all your content and take your site to any platform you choose. No restrictions.

Why developers choose (and love) WooCommerce

Developers can use WooCommerce to create, customize, and scale a store to meet a client’s exact specifications, making enhancements through extensions or custom solutions.

  • Leverage hooks and filters to modify or create functionality.
  • Integrate virtually any service using a robust REST API and webhooks.
  • Design and build custom content blocks with React.
  • Inspect and modify any aspect of the core plugin code.
  • Speed up development with a lightning-fast CLI.

The core platform is tested rigorously and often, supported by a dedicated development team working across time zones. Comprehensive documentation is updated with each release, empowering you to build exactly the store required.

Be part of our growing international community

WooCommerce has a large, passionate community dedicated to helping merchants succeed – and it’s growing fast.

There are WooCommerce Meetups in locations around the world that you can attend for free and even get involved in running. These events are a great way to learn from others, share your expertise, and connect with like-minded folks.

WooCommerce also has a regular presence at WordCamps across the globe – we’d love to meet you.

Contribute and translate

WooCommerce is developed and supported by Automattic, the creators of WordPress.com and Jetpack. We also have hundreds of independent contributors, and there’s always room for more. Head to the WooCommerce GitHub Repository to find out how you can pitch in.

WooCommerce is translated into multiple languages, including Danish, Ukrainian, and Persian. Help localize WooCommerce even further by adding your locale – visit translate.wordpress.org.



This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Filter by Rating Controls Enable customers to filter the product grid by rating.
  • Filter by Stock Controls Enable customers to filter the product grid by stock status.


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.4 or greater is required (PHP 8.0 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater, OR MariaDB version 10.1 or greater, is required

Visit the WooCommerce server requirements documentation for a detailed list of server requirements.

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option — WordPress will handle the file transfer, and you won’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of WooCommerce, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click “Add New.”

In the search field type “WooCommerce,” then click “Search Plugins.” Once you’ve found us, you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by! Click “Install Now,” and WordPress will take it from there.

Manual installation

Manual installation method requires downloading the WooCommerce plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work smoothly, but we still recommend you back up your site.

If you encounter issues with the shop/category pages after an update, flush the permalinks by going to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and hitting “Save.” That should return things to normal.

Sample data

WooCommerce comes with some sample data you can use to see how products look; import sample_products.xml via the WordPress importer. You can also use the core CSV importer or our CSV Import Suite extension to import sample_products.csv


Where can I find WooCommerce documentation and user guides?

For help setting up and configuring WooCommerce, please refer to Getting Started and the New WooCommerce Store Owner Guide.

For extending or theming WooCommerce, see our documentation, as well as the Plugin Developer Best Practices.

Where can I get help or talk to other users about WooCommerce Core?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the WooCommerce Support Forum by following these guidelines, reach out via the WooCommerce Community Slack, or post in the WooCommerce Community group on Facebook.

Where can I get help for extensions I have purchased from the WooCommerce Marketplace?

For assistance with paid extensions from the WooCommerce Marketplace: first, review our self-service troubleshooting guide. If the problem persists, kindly log a support ticket via our helpdesk. Our dedicated Happiness Engineers aim to respond within 24 hours.

I’m having trouble logging in to WooCommerce.com – what now?

First, troubleshoot common login issues using this helpful step-by-step guide. Still not working? Get in touch with us.

Will WooCommerce work with my theme?

Yes! WooCommerce will work with any theme but may require some additional styling. If you’re looking for a theme featuring deep WooCommerce integration, we recommend Storefront.

How do I update WooCommerce?

We have a detailed guide on How To Update WooCommerce.

My site broke – what do I do?

Start by diagnosing the issue using our helpful troubleshooting guide.

If you noticed the error after updating a theme or plugin, there might be compatibility issues between it and WooCommerce. If the issue appeared after updating WooCommerce, there could be a conflict between WooCommerce and an outdated theme or plugin.

In both instances, we recommend running a conflict test using Health Check (which allows you to disable themes and plugins without affecting your visitors) or troubleshooting the issue using a staging site.

Where can I report bugs?

Report bugs on the WooCommerce GitHub repository. You can also notify us via our support forum – be sure to search the forums to confirm that the error has not already been reported.

Where can I request new features, themes, and extensions?

Request new features and extensions and vote on existing suggestions on our official feature request board. Our Product teams regularly review requests and consider them valuable for product planning.

WooCommerce is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes, you can! Join in on our GitHub repository and follow the development blog to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the project.

Where can I find REST API documentation?

Extensive WooCommerce REST API Documentation is available on GitHub.

My question is not listed here. Where can I find more answers?

Check out Frequently Asked Questions for more.


June 19, 2024
I had an issue with the tax not displaying correctly, the supporto team was very helpful and helped me solve the issue quickly
June 18, 2024
Woocommerce support was one of the best ever saw : quick to answer, efficient, helpful. Since some weeks (monthes ?) it’s seems to be completely deserted by operators : days before receiving an answer and, when finally somebody answer, nothing relevant. Whats happening there ? Would appreciate an answer because sometimes only woocommerce technical support is able to solve issues. Thanks by advance
June 18, 2024 1 reply
I have finished the Korean translation for ‘WooCommerce’I just want to say thank you for developing such a good plugin.And I hope it will be translated into more languages so that many WordPress users can use it conveniently. ‘WooCommerce’ 의 한국어 번역을 모두 마쳤습니다.좋은 플러그인을 개발해주어서 고맙다는 인사를 전하고 싶습니다.그리고 ‘WooCommerce’ 플러그인이 보다 다양한 언어로 번역되어 많은 워드프레스 사용자들이 편리하게 사용할 수 있기를 바랍니다.
June 17, 2024 1 reply
We’ve used this plugin on several sites. The plugin is frequently glitchy, they don’t update code to keep up with other major themes/plugins, and their support is completely non existent. And they takes weeks to respond to support tickets just to tell you to do things you already did and if that doesn’t work to go to the forums, which was already done. They will also nickel and dime you with every single tiny feature. Seriously, don’t waste your time and find other options. There are a ton.
Read all 4,320 reviews


9.0.0 2024-06-18


  • Security – Prevent HTML & JS injection attacks on registration and checkout forms when the Order Attribution is enabled. #48348
  • Update – Toggle LYS feature flag off for 9.0 #48231
  • Fix – Fix settings-api textarea validation to prevent insertion of iframes in description areas by default #48432
  • Fix – #47626 changed the classes on the legacy admin settings save button and broke saving standard tax rates #48201
  • Fix – Revert “Remove customer-effort-score-tracks” feature flag #48235 #48235
  • Fix – Fix db update notice redirection bug where it redirects without checking for db update action. Changelog Entry Comment #48163
  • Fix – Add missing URL to discover more link in LYS tour #48109
  • Fix – Fix: “On Sale” collection isn’t displaying on Editor side #47994
  • Fix – Make the plugin autoinstall process more robust #47798
  • Fix – Prevent tracking files from being enqueued on the front end. #47938
  • Fix – Fix: Product Collection block does not display properly when editing template/post #47871
  • Fix – Added useRef to ensure confetti animation is only run once #47838
  • Fix – Fixed a fatal error when programmatically using the WC_Discounts::class in a context where no cart exists. #47589
  • Fix – Fixed shipping flat price change to free shipping when shipping cost represented using decimal separators and thousands separators. #46857
  • Fix – Product Collection: fix the incompatibility of Query Pagination block with Product Collection #47749
  • Fix – Add missing line item data to the REST API refunds schema in versions 2 and 3 #47254
  • Fix – Allow category and tag taxonomy filters on the Product Collection block to see more than the first 10. #47155
  • Fix – A number of e2e fixes for flaky tests #47562
  • Fix – Avoid a warning in PHP 8.3 with some edge case uses of array_sum #47595
  • Fix – Blocks: Fix JS unit tests #47516
  • Fix – Catch NotFoundException before woocommerce_get_batch_processor #46975
  • Fix – Check each pacakge’s chosen shipping rate against each valid rate for that package #47716
  • Fix – Correctly clear out state and postcode when switching countries. #47369
  • Fix – Correctly load up Cart/Checkout translations on Windows machines. #47625
  • Fix – CYS: fix color picker E2E test #47274
  • Fix – Filter by Attribute: fix potential reading from undefined error #47699
  • Fix – Fix: handle undefined templateSlug in Product Collection tracking utils #47504
  • Fix – Fix: Product Collection Block Respects ‘Out of stock visibility’ Setting #47537
  • Fix – Fix an accessibility error in the add to cart button template. #46897
  • Fix – Fix an issue in which a warning is emitted when placing an order using Checkout block. #47633
  • Fix – Fix broken checkout address forms layout #47131
  • Fix – Fix broken db update button on homescreen #47608
  • Fix – Fix core profiler email field is not positioned correctly in mobile screens #47077
  • Fix – Fix coupon rest api returning 500 error on delete. #47474
  • Fix – Fix dates dropdown in admin list order page where it wasn’t filtered by order type. #47440
  • Fix – FIxed a bug where shop page isn’t recognized as a WooCommerce page when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory with permalink set to plain. #46664
  • Fix – Fixes regarding authentication and non-existing products in the receipts rendering engine #47300
  • Fix – Fix failed to load coming-soon resources #47073
  • Fix – Fix flaky Attributes and Variations E2E tests #47471 #47471
  • Fix – Fix GLA site verification with coming soon mode #47140
  • Fix – Fix LYS site icon size #47689
  • Fix – Fix missing shipping-recommendation task #47117
  • Fix – Fix orders search filter position in admin list table. #47640
  • Fix – fix PHP 8 warning in Blocks\Installer\create_pages() callback when other filters have removed pages #47094
  • Fix – Fix registration of plugin on woocommerce.com if plugin is already active on site. #46780
  • Fix – Fix RIN Display Logic for Banner Alert Notifications #47167
  • Fix – Fix tasklist_payments_options to record only shown payment gateways #47713
  • Fix – Fix Tax reports not showing correct totals in analytics #46248
  • Fix – Fix undefined variable $exlude_paths #47490
  • Fix – Fix warnings from using fse theme json filter #47631
  • Fix – Fix width of the button to set the variation prices #47682 #47682
  • Fix – Fix admin_url usage in Task List button links for Customize Store and Launch Your Store tasks. #47010
  • Fix – Make REST order queries involving ‘customer’ field compatible with HPOS in v2 API. #46878
  • Fix – Prevent empty checkboxes added by Additional Checkout Fields API showing in the order confirmation when the order was placed using the shortcode checkout experience. #47333
  • Fix – Prevent product from being saved prematurely when updated via REST API #46674
  • Fix – Product Collection – Fix edge cases in Price Range filter around value parsing #47354
  • Fix – Reenable global styles in coming soon entire site template #47388
  • Fix – Replace forward slashes in additional fields IDs with hyphens. #47650
  • Fix – Select the first shipping rate when local pickup is enabled and customer switches to shipping. #47120
  • Fix – Show Germany state field in Checkout block. #47319
  • Fix – Switch marketplace promotions from Action Scheduler to transient. #47262
  • Fix – Update color contrast for Checkout fields. Update color contrast for notice buttons. Return focus when closing mini cart drawer. Return focus when closing shipping calculator. #47470
  • Fix – Update coupon_usage for failed & trashed orders. #47125
  • Fix – Update delete item meta query to format supported by wpdb::get_table_from_query() #46692
  • Fix – Updated the PHP DocBlock for WC_CLI_Runner::register_route_commands to correctly specify the first parameter’s type as being a WC_CLI_REST_Command object rather than a string. #47599
  • Fix – Update the version number of some methods in AbstractTemplateCompatibility #47118
  • Fix – Use the default ordering of states in the Checkout block #46656
  • Fix – [CYS]: Fix event name when starting the no-AI flow. #47181
  • Fix – [CYS] Fix bug making the AI flow fail on the same prompt. #46872
  • Add – Show notice for expiring subscriptions #47004
  • Add – Add custom fonts via wp_theme_json_data_theme filter for coming soon pages #47417
  • Add – Added phone number field to Shipping Address form under My Account #47062
  • Add – Added the wc_product_pre_has_unique_sku filter hook to allow SKU uniqueness to be determined externally #46763
  • Add – Add filter to convert WooCommerce slug for plugin dependencies #46707
  • Add – Add hooks to customize the order receipt generation #46224
  • Add – Adds 3 additional UTM parameters recognized in GA4 documentation. #47639
  • Add – Adds a wc/v3/refunds REST API endpoint so refunds can be queried collectively, unconnected to their orders #46895
  • Add – Add tracks events for the LYS badge #46509
  • Add – Allow HPOS CLI cleanup tool to remove metadata for deleted orders. #46970
  • Add – Append coming soon tracks prop globally #47644
  • Add – Comment: Added feature to redirect back to LYS from CYS if the referrer is LYS. #47654
  • Add – Filter to apply Base64 encoding to order attribution cookies #47597
  • Add – For shared subscriptions, My Subscriptions now shows “Shared with you” and the email address of the person who shared it with you. #46229
  • Add – New product editor: Add ‘placeholder’ attribute to category field in Simple Product Template #46938
  • Add – Product Collection: Add preview mode on Editor side #46369
  • Add – Product Collection: collections that don’t inherit query from template are non-filterable #45820
  • Add – REST API: Add product variation type to response when getting variations. #47377
  • Add – Return HPOS edit links for calls to get_edit_post_link() on placeholder posts. #47149
  • Add – Show an message in the plugin table list for WooCommerce extensions that are either expired or expiring. #47076
  • Add – Show the label for freemium products in the in-app marketpalce #45982
  • Update – Add a new update function for WC 9.0 to add woocommerce_show_lys_tour option. #47634
  • Update – Add aria-label to customer account block link when in icon-only display mode. #46899
  • Update – Add busy animation for save button in settings screen #47626
  • Update – Added padding-left: 15px to the copy link to provide equal spacing around the button #47313
  • Update – Add UTM tags to all product links in core profiler Free features step #47397
  • Update – Always show pickup location address and details and truncate pickup details. #47173
  • Update – Applies wp_plugin_dependencies_slug filter to get the correct plugin name in PluginVersionRuleProcessor. #47235
  • Update – Avoid writing an empty line to a log file if the log entry is empty. #47091
  • Update – Changed the Form Step blocks in the Checkout block so that the step nunbers cannot be turned off individually. This is now a global setting on the Checkout Fields block that will affect all child blocks. The FormStep component in the checkout pacakge remains unchanged. #47479
  • Update – Classic Templates: Renamed blocks representing classic templates from “WooCommerce XYZ Block” to “XYZ (Classic)” #44931
  • Update – Disable auto zoom when focusing on input for core profile #47400
  • Update – Display the total price in the place order button. #47083
  • Update – Display Import Product task item text and header copies when merchant indicates they are already selling #47164
  • Update – Do not display smart app banner on the core profiler, LYS, and CYS pages #47429
  • Update – Ensure the woocommerce_format_log_entry filter hook still has access to the log source value #46851
  • Update – Hide progress bar when entering Design With AI from Entrepreneur signup flow. #47574
  • Update – Improvements to HPOS settings screen. #47370
  • Update – In blocks migrate @wordpress/components Button to Ariakit, replace __experimentalRadio/RadioGroup with Ariakit Button. #45974
  • Update – Inject order attribution checkout fields (only once) on a wider set of checkout form actions. #46834
  • Update – LYS – Use flow layout for the coming soon template #47335
  • Update – LYS: disables the “Save changes” button until changes are made. #47316
  • Update – Make order attribution data globally accessible client side. #46965
  • Update – Move country to be the first field in Checkout block. #47375
  • Update – Product Collection: remove Beta label #47572
  • Update – Redirect old market-place to new market-place pages #47276
  • Update – Refactor coming soon entire page to wrap under cover block #46914
  • Update – Remove admin toolbar button hover background #47314
  • Update – Remove noindex robot call from lys coming soon pages #47178
  • Update – Remove title from checkout page #47529
  • Update – Rename and sort filter options in “Add a filter” in Analytics. #46955
  • Update – Replace div element with main in block templates #47119
  • Update – Replace Options API usage with LaunchYourStore endpoint for LYS #47252
  • Update – Replace the Legacy REST API with a stub that always returns an error #40627
  • Update – Replace the Testimonials single default image. #47535
  • Update – Return users to LYS after completing essential task #47606
  • Update – Toggle LYS feature flag on for post-8.9 #46853
  • Update – Update @automattic/tour-kit to 1.1.3 and @automattic/components to 2.1.1 #47129
  • Update – Update delivery titles & pickup options; refine shipping selector layout & address field visibility in the Checkout block. #46083
  • Update – Updated the toolbar’s store link based on the site’s visibility settings. #47315
  • Update – Update experiment name for the new product editing screen. #47647
  • Update – Update Octokit from 2.1.0 to 3.1.2 and updated variable names #42891
  • Update – Update the display logic of company name, address line 2 and phone number fields and allow making the address line 2 field required. #47160
  • Update – Update the WooCommerce Status page to use the full plugin version to show dev, Beta and RC versions as opposed to only the milestone number #46906
  • Update – Use the term attribute sort order for displaying the “Filter by attribute” terms. #47616
  • Update – Use Woo branded colors for LYS confetti #47334
  • Update – When the total shipping cost is 0 the order summary in the Cart and Checkout blocks shows “FREE” instead of 0.00 #47553
  • Update – Woocommerce: update code to data TS changes #46907
  • Update – Wrap LYS private link exclusion logic in an overall check #47690
  • Dev – Add a feature flag for full composability and the Pattern Toolkit #47392
  • Dev – Add an API test for the new refunds endpoint #47340
  • Dev – Add Buildkite test reporting (sanitized) back using production account #47558
  • Dev – Add help text under “Include downloads” toggle #46752 #46752
  • Dev – Add new disableHpos test env variable in ci-job utility #47619
  • Dev – Add Playwright performance tests to Product editor #47590 #47590
  • Dev – Add the optional property for ci jobs #47261
  • Dev – Block E2E: Eliminate side effects through improved test isolation #46125
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Align ESlint and TS configs with Gutenberg & fix flaky tests. #47228
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Fix flaky block insertion tests #47213
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Fix flaky Product Collection tests #47211
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Refactor Playwright configs and CI workflow #46409
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Remove discouraged waitForTimeout from tests #47214
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Remove obsolete waitForSiteEditorFinishLoading utility. #47547
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Remove the DB snapshot on env reset #47416
  • Dev – Blocks E2E: Wait for Site Editor canvas loader in the enterEditMore() utility. #47541
  • Dev – Disable pre-publish panel #47430 #47430
  • Dev – E2E tests: disable broken tests #47268
  • Dev – E2E tests: disable woocommerce_coming_soon during test environment setup #47024
  • Dev – E2E tests: don’t exit if the consumer token was not cleared in teardown #47020
  • Dev – E2E tests: fix cleanup of created test pages and migrate to using fixtures #46944
  • Dev – E2E tests: fixing flaky admin marketing test #47665
  • Dev – E2E tests: more fixes for tests with Gutenberg active #46861
  • Dev – Fix for a couple of flaky e2e tests #47253
  • Dev – Load e2e test helper (child) themes via .wp-json instead of via WP-CLI. #47080
  • Dev – Monorepo utils: add support for github events in ci-jobs tool #46922
  • Dev – Move pricing features to General tab #47435 #47435
  • Dev – Move the PHP tests with WP nightly back into CI #47568
  • Dev – pnpm-lock.yaml update #47575
  • Dev – Product Collection: add tracking to Editor filters usage #46545
  • Dev – Remove BuildKite reporter from e2e tests #47449
  • Dev – Remove not used feature flags #47150 #47150
  • Dev – Remove upload plugin test from daily reporting #47067
  • Dev – Restore the playwright/no-hooks linter rule introduced in #46432 and accidentally removed in #47228. #47500
  • Dev – This PR fixes a minor typo in the Exposing your data in the Store API doc. #43488
  • Dev – Try out the BuildKite Test Analytics in CI #47202
  • Dev – Update cart/checkout usage of the @wordpress/components Slot Fill #47105
  • Dev – Update docs about blocks styling to clearly state global styles are the recommended approach #47269
  • Dev – Update events that should trigger the test job(s) #47612
  • Dev – Update fast-xml-parser from 4.2.4 to 4.2.5 #41982
  • Dev – Update pnpm to 9.1.0 #47385
  • Dev – Update the Blocks JS tests to React 18 #47383
  • Tweak – Add aria-label to account page #43696
  • Tweak – Correct the close days for the flaky test stalebot workflow #47484
  • Tweak – Fix coming soon page mobile UI issue #47491
  • Tweak – Make sure “Change Address” button in Cart block is accessible. #47460
  • Tweak – Reduce the number of tags in the plugin’s readme file, to avoid warnings. #47688
  • Tweak – Remove “Powered by WooCommerce” footer #47075
  • Tweak – Removed bold highlight from selected payment method in the Checkout block. This has been replaced with a border highlight. #47412
  • Tweak – Remove repetitive words #47158
  • Tweak – Remove unused order type registration property. #46843
  • Tweak – Respect locale settings when formatting order counts in admin orders page. #47373
  • Tweak – Update core profiler industry list #47605
  • Tweak – Update the order summary on Cart & Checkout with some minor visual changes #45767
  • Tweak – Update XPF currency symbol to XPF and change its default formatting. #46960
  • Tweak – Use a real em dash character (—) in the coming soon template #47394
  • Tweak – Use site editor to set fonts, set default fonts to cardo and inter, add type safety for filter #47613
  • Performance – Add experimental support for FTS indexes in HPOS. Additionally, revert existing HPOS search queries to use post like structure. #46130
  • Performance – Add index on SKU filed in wc_product_meta_lookup table #47051
  • Performance – Create a hook to filter the woocommerce blocks that can be registered #47066
  • Performance – CYS > Ensure get_patterns_ai_data_post is triggered only if AI enabled and improve performance. #46999
  • Performance – Free some in-memory usage when doing batch processing in HPOS #47159
  • Performance – HPOS – Made the query for retrieving meta keys more performant #46985
  • Performance – Remove duplicate css code from any woo scss file #47122
  • Enhancement – Add Business Services to the Extensions catalogue #47303
  • Enhancement – Added a “manual_update” parameter to the Orders REST API endpoint that will make it so that, when set to “true”, status changes to an order will be attributed to a specific user in the order notes. #46900
  • Enhancement – Add support for FI and SE postcode validation #45480
  • Enhancement – Add support for insert_or_update for better concurrency. #47610
  • Enhancement – Add woocommerce_order_received_verify_known_shoppers filter to Order Confirmation template #46957
  • Enhancement – Enable guest users to visualize shipping/billing information on the order received page. #47477
  • Enhancement – Fix: Reset password form missing required indicator #47229
  • Enhancement – Improved readability and better UX for GitHub bug reports, by optimizing the format of the SSR #47088
  • Enhancement – Mark the checkout block sidebar as sticky on desktop. #47376
  • Enhancement – Replace copy: List Price to Regular Price #47658

See changelog for all versions.